Courtesan Cleric and Courier Bard.



Race: Human
Classes: Cleric (7d8), Bard (2d8)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Desna (Goddess of Stars, Dreams, Travelers, & Luck. Also, Liberation domain.)
Cleric Domains: Travel and Luck
Character Level: 9
Experience Points: 50,000

Age: 26 (possibly 27) yrs
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: currently blond
Size: medium (+0)


Strength: 12 (mod +1)
Dexterity: 16 (mod +3)
Constitution: 15 (mod +2)
Intelligence: 14 (mod +2)
Wisdom: 20 (mod +5)
Charisma: 18 (mod +4)

Hit Points: 54 + 2d8 + 4 (con) + 1 (fav. pt) = ___
Base Speed: 30 + 10 (domain) = 40 ft/action
Speed w/ Armor: 30 ft/action
Initiative: 3 (dex)

Armor Class: 10 + 6 (armor) + 2 (shield) + 3 (dex) = 21
Touch: 13
Flat-footed: 18

Fortitude save: 5 (cleric) + 2 (con) = 7
Reflex save: 2 (cleric) + 3 (bard) + 3 (dex) + 2 (feat) = 10
Will save: 5 (cleric) + 3 (bard) + 5 (wis) = 13

Base Attack Bonus: 5 (cleric) + 1 (bard) = 6
Spell Resistance: 0
CMB: 6 (base) + 1 (str) = 7
CMD: 6 (base) + 1 (str) + 3 (dex) + 10 = 20


Class Skills: Acrobatics (1, also ranked), Appraise (6, also ranked), Bluff (7, also ranked), Climb (0, also ranked twice), Craft-?? (2), Craft-?? (2), Diplomacy (7, also ranked), Disguise (7, also ranked), Escape Artist (2, also ranked twice), Heal (9, also ranked), Intimidate (7, also ranked), Knowledge-Arcana (7, also ranked, bard), Knowledge-Dungeoneering (7, also ranked, bard), Knowledge-Engineering (7, also ranked, bard), Knowledge-Geography (7, also ranked, bard), Knowledge-History (7, also ranked, bard), Knowledge-Local (7, also ranked, bard), Knowledge-Nature (7, also ranked, bard), Knowledge-Nobility (8, also ranked twice, bard), Knowledge-Planes (8, also ranked twice, bard), Knowledge-Religion (10, also ranked four times, bard), Linguistics (6, also ranked), Perception (11, also ranked thrice), Perform-Dance (9, also ranked thrice), Profession-Courtesan (14, also ranked six times), Profession-Courier (9, also ranked), Sense Motive (9, also ranked), Sleight of Hand (2, also ranked twice), Spellcraft (6, also ranked), Stealth (2, also ranked twice), Use Magic Device (7, also ranked).

Ranked-only Skills: Fly (-2), Perform-String Instruments (5, twice), Ride (-2), Survival (7, twice), Swim (-3, twice).

Other Skills: Craft-?? (2).

Languages: Common (human), Goblin (int), Celestial (int/cleric), Sylvan (linguistics).

Special Abilities:
Cleric Class — Aura (Ex) [strongly chaotic good]; Channel Energy (Su) [4d6, standard action, 30 ft radius, positive energy only, affecting either undead or living, self w/ others or only others, 3 + 4 (cha) + 2 (feat) = 9 times per day]; Proficient with simple weapons plus Desna’s Starknife, light & medium armor, and all shields except tower shields.

Travel Domain — Agile Feet (Su) [self, free action, ignore all difficult terrain next round w/o penalties, 3 + 5 (wis) = 8 times per day].
Luck Domain — Bit of Luck (Sp), Luck Domain. [touch, standard action, during next round, roll d20 twice and take the favored roll, 3 + 5 (wis) = 8 times per day].

Bard Class — Martial weapon proficiency (longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, and whip); No arcane spell failure for shield or light armor, but regular failure chance for spells having a somatic component if wearing heavier armor; Bardic Knowledge (Ex) [+ half class level (min 1) to all Knowledge skill checks, may make all Knowledge skill checks untrained]; Versatile Performance (Ex) [use total bonus of Perform Dance skill in place of Acrobatics & Fly, permanent]; Well-Versed (Ex) [4 on saving throws against bardic performance, sonic, and language-dependent effects]; Bardic Performance [others and self (if choose), standard action to start, maintained as free action each round, changing performance effect requires new standard action, can’t be disrupted, only one effect at a time, 4 + 4 (cha) = 8 times per day:

>Countersong (Su) – counters magic effects depending on sound/lang (not spells w/ verbal components); Perform (keyboard, percussion, wind, string, or sing) skill check; creatures w/in 30ft may use check in place of lower saving throw; creatures already under non-instant effect get new saving throw ea. round using bard’s check; only works on effects that allow saves; audible/lang dependent.

>Distraction (Su) – counters magic effects depending on sight; Perform (act, comedy, dance, or oratory) skill check; creatures w/in 30ft may use check in place of lower saving throw against illusion (pattern or figment) magical attacks; creatures already under non-instant effect get new saving throw ea. round using bard’s check, only works on effects that allow saves, visual dependent.

>Fascinate (Su) – causes 1 or more creatures w/in 90 ft (able to see or hear bard, capable of paying attention) to become fascinated with self; bard must see affected creatures; danger or nearby combat prevents; Will save (DC 10 + ½ bard level + CHA) to negate; if fails, cannot try again for 24 hrs, creature sits quietly and observes; fascinated creatures take -4 penalty on skill checks made to react (ex: Perception); potential threats allow new saving throws, obvious threats auto-break spell; enchantment (compulsion) & mind-affecting ability; audible & visual dependent.

>Inspire Courage (Su) – allies (and self); +1 boost on saving throws against charm and fear effects, +1 bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls; allies must be able to perceive performance; mind-affecting ability; can use either audible or visual components – bard must pick at start.]

Feats: Extra Channel ( +2 times per day), Selective Channeling [exempt 4 (cha) targets], Additional Traits [Starchild (auto-North, +4 on Survival checks against getting lost) and Birthmark ( +2 on all saving throws against charms and compulsion effects)], Lightning Reflexes ( +2 on Reflex saves), Endurance ( +4 on checks to avoid nonlethal damage), Diehard (auto-stabilize and remain conscious below 0 HP).


Number Per Day: Cleric Orisons (unlimited, 4diff/day), Cleric Level 1st (4 + 1 domain, 2 bonus), Cleric Level 2nd (3 + 1 domain, 1 bonus), Cleric Level 3rd (2 + 1 domain, 1 bonus), Cleric Level 4th (1 + 1 domain, 1 bonus), Bard Cantrips (unlimited), Bard Level 1st (2 + 1 bonus).

Cleric Spells: (only good/positive energy; see Pathfinder rulebook)

Domain Spells:
Travel – Longstrider (1st), Locate Object (2nd), Fly (3rd), Dimension Door (4th).
Luck – True Strike (1st), Aid (2nd), Protection from Energy (3rd), Freedom of Movement (4th).

Bard Spells:
4 Orisons – Summon Instrument, Prestidigitation, Message, Mage Hand, _________ .
2 1st-Level – Grease, Hideous Laughter, __________ .


Weapon: Starknife (Piercing) [can stab or be thrown, 20ft range, Attack Bonus is 2 (stab) / 4 (throw), Critical is x3 (roll a 20), Damage is 1d4 + 1].

AC Items:
Breastplate – Bonus (6), medium, Check Penalty (-4), Spell Failure (25%), Weight (30 lb).
Shield – Bonus (2), heavy wooden, Check Penalty (-2), Spell Failure (15%), Weight (10 lb).

Gear: a couple days rations, a carved swallowtail butterfly (worth ~1silver, cost 45copper), a seaweed stick, a courtesan outfit, …other non-specified courtesan & cleric items…, T-Rex hide (heavy leather), T-Rex tooth shards, scarf, ??.

Money: (70 gold, 1 platinum) – (10 silver, 65 copper) + (26 gold).


Desira the Cleric is an explorer by nature and ‘finds enlightenment in travel.’ She dislikes being confined, whether physically or by rules. Thanks to her goddess Desna’s blessing, she is ‘infused with luck’ to the point that her ‘mere presence can spread good fortune.’ She quests to do her goddess’ work: opposing twisted evil, freeing the trapped, and encouraging others to explore and seek the beauty in life.

Desira the Bard uses skills learned from her courtesan profession, mixed with arcane magic knowledge and observations of other entertainers gained during her travels, to smooth her way through the world and assist her companions.

Desira grew up on the edge of the desert, about 40 miles south of Varalon. She lived with her parents in a subsistence lifestyle as the middle child of five (surviving) children. Their home was among a few dozen loosely scattered in the transition zone between the desert and the greener human lands surrounding Varalon. Caravans and nomadic tribes often passed near their place, raising a dusty cloud on the horizon, on the way to camp at the big well. Sometimes they stayed for days; other times they hurried on to reach Varalon or the high road. After seeing a likely dust cloud, young Desira, full of curiosity, would find an excuse to leave her chores or sneak off to the well with a sibling to observe and meet the travelers.

Her favorite wayfarers were the nomads, though her parents strongly disapproved of the interest. She was fascinated by their wandering ways and their stories and grew attracted to the ancient liberation goddess worshiped by most of the traveling tribes. She became close to one tribe in particular, and always visited with them when they came through. One month when she was newly ten, just after the group left, she ran away and followed them. Through a little luck, she was able to catch up and they allowed her to travel among them. For a few years she did so, learning about travel and how to worship Desna, the Goddess of Stars, Dreams, Travel, and Luck.

Then at age thirteen, Desira stayed behind in Varalon while the tribe passed through. Along their travel route, she had been noticing pretty, talented, painted ladies in the towns and in the human capital. They held a powerful charisma, seeming to use this to their advantage. Some of the nomads exercised this same magnetic power over men, and Desira had determined to learn it. She left the nomads to hang around the Houses of these ladies in Varalon. Because she was scrawny and undernourished, she pretended to be younger and got a job running simple errands between the Houses and to various markets and clients. This continued for a few more years, with her declining all stationary job offers this courier work opened to her.

When one of the courtesans offered her a full apprenticeship, however, she quickly accepted, and this was when she took her trade name, Desira. Supposedly fourteen, she joined the other girls in training, learning much. Fortunately, she gained a good, though not large, reputation. This followed her after she fulfilled the terms of her apprenticeship and, instead of joining her mistress’ House, began a traveling tour of various Houses up and down and beyond the human high road.

Early on in her tour, she got lost between two towns and ran into a surprisingly friendly goblin who helped her find her way. (Perhaps Desna had a hand in this.) In gratitude, she brought him trinkets and goods while she was in town, picking up some goblin language in the process and teaching him the common tongue.

Also, it should be noted that during her five-year apprenticeship (from ages “14” to “19”) one of Desira’s repeat customers was a Desnan cleric. She met him again during her tour and cut it short to learn a cleric’s ways from him while they traveled together for a few months.

After parting from the cleric, Desira resumed visiting the Houses, but was filled with new purpose for doing so. She found herself once again taking courier jobs in order to help spread her goddess’ good intent. In fact, she became well-known under the names “Dessy Ford” and “Dessy Dodge” as a trustworthy errand runner who always fulfilled her contracts, (and who was uniquely able to travel as a courtesan without becoming a cheap whore.) Her decent reputation somehow reached the ears of the master of the Arbiters’ Guild, and she reluctantly accepted a charge from the powerful authority to bring some adventurers from Kassadin to Trinity

Desira & the Adventurers encountered some goblins and dragons on the way to the Guild headquarters, and Desira’s knowledge of the goblin language proved useful. She brought the group safely to Trinity, only to discover that the reason Groatal summoned them was to recruit them all, including her! Desira thought this sounded like a mighty suspicious gig, and immediately declined, but some of the adventurers went along with Groatal and accepted the burden of becoming Arbiters. They were given " books " and " bags ", and a new task to accomplish as best they could.

Having traveled with this group a while, Desira had found them both kind-hearted and incautious—prone to getting into dangerous trouble. She decided to accompany them on their task in hopes of keeping them alive. As one task soon followed another, and the danger presented by mysterious dragon-related activities increased, Desira discovered herself caught up with her new companions’ goals and unable to leave them in good conscience. She went new places, met new people, and had many new experiences.

Then… they went to the center of the desert. That place, shrouded by eternal howling sand, where the nomads never journeyed. And one of her companions found it his tomb. He died on her watch, just out of her sight, eerily reminding her of another former companion… She had failed someone again. Despite her efforts to become a strong cleric for Desna.

She accompanied the group back to the Guild headquarters in Trinity, but felt the shock paralyzing her mind. Upon learning that her companions’ next task was easy, and simply to earn money for the Guild, Desira left them in the hall without a word. Her skills weren’t enough even when she was at her best; they would be of no use to anyone in her disturbed state.

While they were away, Desira worked and meditated, trying to regain some balance, but the memories wouldn’t leave. She checked back at the Guild, found the group had returned (with a new, very strange member), and rejoined them for their next dangerous, dragon-related task.

For the GM:

Travels – Had crossed the desert only twice before lately discovering what lay at the center. Been all around the human lands circling the desert, mostly concentrating on the high roads through Varalon and Trinity. Not into the Larian Mountains (before recently seeking the Black Dragons in Shurg), nor into the elven capital (before this adventure); not as far north as Halar, nor as far south as Crustakin Hold (until this adventure). However, had seen Falston and some borderland communities in elven and dwarven lands. Had not seen Markstal, nor Gardenia (before the event in Crustakin Hold). And ventured only recently into the ocean, off the continent’s eastern coast, to an unfriendly island.

Identities – Shh! It’s a secret. [Desira’s birth name. Name and city level of the House in Varalon where she apprenticed. Name of her mistress. Name of the Desnan cleric, his status, and a little of their history.]


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