Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

The Advance Scouting Party

Meeting up in Micky T’s once more, the heroes decided to head south from Varalon in the hopes of finding any rumors of sea monster activity. The reports had been old, but they doubted that anything had been done about it.

After all, there had been a lot of other things to worry about with all the cities being attacked lately.

They stopped briefly in Kassadin after a three day trip from Varalon. The town appeared to be mostly normal, though those who had been there before noted a new pub had been built. There were rumors of new lumber mills that had been created to help replace the destroyed homes in the major cities.

The heroes managed to gather more information that pointed them to a cove a few days distant. They made their way further south from Kassadin, passing Kassadin’s tomb along the way.

Al’ev related to the group some of what happened to make several of them “The Heroes of Kassadin.”

The journey was uneventful until the night of the second day.

Velius and Caramel noted seeing a figure in the tree line which disappeared shortly before sundown. The heroes were a bit on edge when they heard this information, but night was falling and they decided to rest.

They awoke several hours into the night when they were attacked.

Velius caught sight of the first hints of trouble and promptly woke up Blasphemy. The other heroes didn’t get a chance to react before they were woken up the hard way.

Three dwarves and a massive ogre had found them in the middle of the forest. The dwarves fell upon the camp and Harry was the first to be hit. The ogre wasted no time before attacking a still awakening Al’ev. The magus was thrashed very hard and then was bit by a massive five foot tall wolf that seemed to be the ogre’s pet.

Finally able to act, the battle commenced. Potions were flying, Harry’s weapon and badger were furious. Neo‘s shield protected several of his allies from harm. The magus danced around strikes and caught other’s on his shield. Music blared out of their camp and made all of their movements more sure.

The heroes were in good form during this fight, though it lasted longer than most they had been in previously. The ogre was a very tough kill and the dwarves were all extremely accurate with their attacks. By the fight’s end, they learned that these were more of the dwarves that held the souls of the taken. This raised several questions.

The following morning, Harry used his abilities to follow their enemy’s tracks back to their camp. They didn’t find any more foes lying in wait, but they did find other items of interest.

Harry located a large stone that was determined by several group members to be an object of divination magic. Something that would have to be looked at later. Also needing to be looked at later was a scroll that Caramel was able to tell was written in the orge’s tongue.

The heroes spent some time recovering on their way back to Kassadin. The fact that the demon infested bodies had been found this far from the mountains was too concerning. They had to find someone to decipher the scroll right away.

Along the way back to town, Caramel mentioned that she still had a magic eye watching her. It was something she had noted several times earlier. The group had assumed it to be the work of Veynthris Phoenixrun, but Caramel told them of his reaction when the eye showed up while she was in his care. Al’ev only knew of one other who could be searching for her, and that was Azar. Staying on the move would be a wise decision regardless.

Finally reaching Kassadin, they were able to locate someone to decipher the scroll. The contents confirmed what several had guessed already. The group they had destroyed was an advance scouting party. Their leader, Gromkrush, had been tasked with scouting out the “southern lands” for invasion by someone named Skulkcrush.

The ghoul armies of the dragon flights were in the first stages of invading the remainder of the land…

Al’ev sent notice to Goat.

All signs continued to point to them heading towards a much larger conflict….



The Advance Scouting Party

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