Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

Ending a Sea Monster

Soon after they had dealt with The Advance Scouting Party the adventurers were joined by Crim, Sindri and T’lemya while they waited at an Inn within the small town of Kassadin.

Not one of them showed up as the remainder of the adventurers had last seen them. Sindri appeared to be shivering and though the Fall season was again upon them, the temperatures had yet cool enough to warrant this reaction.

T’lemya appeared to be very weary of Sindri as she made it into the room. Several noticed that she didn’t appear to be walking as well as she normally did, as though she were in pain.

And then there was Crim, who seemed to have a body thrown over his shoulder.

There was very little information gained from their companions on what had happened since Varalon. Crim did explain that the person who he had carried in on his shoulder was a female ninja who had challenged him to a duel. Crim had won when he knocked her unconscious, though he didn’t get away without injury.

Caramel, exhausted from healing the adventurers, had little patience for taking care of more injuries. She saw the pair of kunai sticking out of Crim’s side and yanked them out very painfully. Then, after waiting a few moments, she healed him. She then plopped back down in bed and used the unconscious female ninja as a body pillow and allowed Sindri to sneak under the covers to warm himself up.

It was like touching ice when the halfling’s skin came in contact with her own. She wrapped him up in sheets, hoping to place a barrier between them.

This is when Jimmy-Bob showed his face for the first time. The man was quite…special, running into their room while shouting for the heroes of Kassadin. He practically tackled Al’ev in a hug when he realized he had found them. Ginny-Bob explained that he and his brother Fred had been looking for help with getting rid of a sea monster, likely the same sea monster they had set out to take care of in the first place.

While the strange man was explaining this to the heroes, the female ninja awoke and made a dash for the window. Crim and Neo attempted to stop her, but they were unable to succeed. She disappeared in a puff of smoke at the outskirts of the town.

Returning, the heroes eventually all agreed to follow Ginny-Bob to the cove where his brother Fred had their boat, the Jimmy-Bob 2.

After several hours of travel, they all arrived at the cove and found the boat waiting for them. But they weren’t to sure the person with the boat was Fred as the only person waiting for them was a human who did not look to be male in the slightest.

This person had long black hair that ran the entire length of their back, and a highly attractive curvy figure that several of the adventurers found hard not to look at, until they heard this person’s voice which was quite deep and sounded very much like the voice of a man.

This was, in fact, Fred. Having cleared that up as best as they could, they moved on to the next item of concern. The vessel before them, the Ginny-Bob 2, was a bit of a marvel to behold. It didn’t look like the boat should even be able to float, much less make it out to sea. Al’ev and Sindri caught hints of magic floating about the small vessel. Crim tried to jump onto the boat but he hit a solid wall of force mid air.

The heroes held a short meeting to discuss whether they were going to be taking this vessel, and paying Fred half of whatever they earned from defeating the sea creature. They decided to take up Fred on his offer and it wasn’t long before they found themselves very surprised by the boat’s abilities.

The propulsion was immensely fast, able to skip upon the waves as it went. There were no visible sails or ores, so their only guess was that it had to be magic that drove the boat forward. They also learned that, thanks to the bubble surrounding it, this boat was submersible.

While they discussed how they were going to go about baiting this sea monster, the problem was solved when, with a very load roar that came from the distance, the light filtering from the surface was blocked out by a very large serpent like creature. Al’ev and Harry noted that, as its body took a few moments to swim by overhead, that it appeared to be sick. There were pulsing boils all over it. Stuck in its tail were several harpoons sticking out of it.

This creature had been the death of several crews.

That was as far as they got before another roar shook the boat where it floated under the waves. The creature, now identified as a linnorm, wrapped the length of its body around the ship and began to constrict itself around the boat’s protective magic shell.

The heroes didn’t hesitate. Desira began to pray and Caramel to began to play upon her air guitar as Al’ev and Crim, using some underwater potions given to them by Fred, swam out between the coiling body to confront the creature.

The rest of the group remained within the bubble and began to attack. The creature proved to be highly resistant to most forms of magic as it continued to slowly crush the vessel’s protective shell. It also proved that moving outside the bubble was a bad move when it superheated the water and caused Al’ev to move back within.

Desira was quick to heal his blistering skin while Blasphemy attached an explosive vial to his weapon and fired, causing significant damage. Harry smashed away at the beast with his hammer.

This seemed to get the beast’s attention when its head came within the bubble and snapped at Sindri causing the halfling a small bit of pain and poisoning him. The linnorm’s tail went after Harry, but Neo saw this coming and thought to lend his shield in Harry’s defense. The dwarf was protected, but Neo found himself in the embrace of the creature and it didn’t feel good.

Crim put an end to the creature’s life shortly after it had gotten a hold of Neo by finding a weak spot in its natural armor. He plunged his blade in with great force and struck the creature’s faintly beating heart, but in so doing was poisoned like Sindri had been earlier.

The heroes spent a few frantic seconds attempting to counter the effects of the poison and convinced Fred to head back to shore. The protective bubble around the ship had nearly been completely crushed and when water began to leak though, Al’ev lent his own magic power in the hopes of reinforcing it. The bubble held on long enough for them to reach the cove. So too did teh body of the dead linnorm.

The heroes rushed to Kassadin and found someone who was capable of curing the poison that ran through the veins of Sindri and Crim. They also collected a small sum of gold from the Mayor of Kassadin for the defeat of the beast.

They returned to the cave to find Fred attempting to push the beast off his boat. While Neo handed over half of the gold, Al’ev walked over to the beast and cast a few spells that made the creature turn into a gas like substance and blew it back out to sea with a strong gust of wind. Al’ev sent a letter to Groatal

They made the three day journey from Kassadin to Varalon where they proceeded to gather information on the bandit raids on logging camps that Goat had mentioned in a letter. They were able to find out their location and a little about small creatures being responsible for the raids on the camp.

Feeling that this was enough information, they set off into the forest, following a well traveled road that the loggers had been using.

The only event that happened along the way was Crim stopping to read a letter that had been sitting in a bowl along the road. Sindri and T’lemya seemed to understand the significance of this, but the ninja didn’t bother to explain. They continued on to the camp and while several Adventurers scouted the bordering treeline, the rest went to talk with a man who seemed to be in charge.

From him they found out several things. Firstly, the attackers had been goblins who struck at groups who had been dragging the logs down the pathway out of there. Al’ev and Desira knew that a certain group of Goblins had been in the Varalon area only a few months previous as they had managed to get the group to move away from the city in the hopes of staving off more conflict.

The second thing they learned was that the man wasn’t afraid to insult people. Al’ev’s blood boiled and it took considerable will power to not strike out at the man for the repeated attacks on his friends and himself. The heroes left before anything could happen and set out to find the goblins.

Harry was able to find the tracks of the creatures and they all followed them south from the road until Desira managed to get a response from a goblin hidden in the brush somewhere.

She managed to get the password from the scout who allowed them to pass, mentioning as they continued forward that the scout had said something about Emperor King Grobble.

They found the Emperor King in the middle of a small goblin village. He called for a servant to bring him his royal scepter as he sat on his precariously balanced throne. The scepter turned out be a stick that had Crim’s old katana attached to it. This was indeed the same group they had come across a few months previous.

Desira kept this in mind as she discussed with the Emperor King Ambassador his reasons for attacking the logging site. They learned that Grobble was creating a kingdom and that the humans had crushed one of their villages when they set up their logging camp. He believed it to be his territory and as such, the goblins would kill for it as good goblins should. Finding out little else, beyond their love for killing butterflies, the heroes left Grobble a tribute in the form of Al’ev’s old longsword and left.

They returned to the camp with the hopes of negotiation a solution….

The negotiations fell through.

The head boss turned out to be even more bigoted than they had initially suspected. After the man had insulted dragons, insulted his friends, insulted half elves, insulted every race but humans, and insulted spell casters, the magus snapped.

Locating the largest structure in the camp, this man’s hut, he told Desira to be ready and then lit the hut on fire.

The man began to panic and after a few moments, Desira put the flame out. Al’ev attempted to point out that was exactly what they had done to the goblins, but the man continued to insult everything with his close minded views. Before Al’ev could knock the man out, two daggers struck true.

T’lemya wasn’t about to hear anymore of it, it seemed. She walked over and pulled her daggers free from the man, licking the blood on them.

Al’ev watched the situation deteriorate. Another man who had been watching from a bit of distance made a break for the road and Desira forced him to stop with a simple command. Caramel managed to convince him to return so that they could discuss everything with someone who had a more open mind.

The discussion lasted a few minutes before it was decided that they had to take the logging contract to the King of Varalon where they hoped to do one of several different things.

They began to walk back to Varalon and Al’ev, mind finally clearing from a the blood haze, noted a problem that had shown itself.

The adventurers were discussing whether T’lemya’s action was right or wrong. She had killed the man for simple insults. While it was extreme of her to do, Al’ev felt they didn’t know her well enough to judge. He didn’t even feel that he knew her well enough to judge. He subtly pulled to the back of the group, allowing everyone to walk in front of him. His eyes wondered from friend to friend, and he saw he had made a mistake that he had not made in some time.

The heroes had much to still accomplish and even after they had just worked so well together in vanquishing the linnorm, the first signs of fracturing could be seen among them.

He’d have to mend the bonds between them all before they could shatter. He would not repeat his past.

They continued on to Varalon, the Magus’ mind more focused on his tasks than ever before.



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