Throughout history there have been those who have championed a cause. There have been those who have saved civilization. There have been those who opposed the forces of good and worked for all that is evil. And then there were those who could only be described as certifiably insane.

Zorebane fits in with the last group.

As an Ifrit, a being who is part human and part fire elemental, Zorebane had a dread fascination with fire in every form. Standing six feet five inches tall with a very muscular body and long flaming hair, Zorebane attracted the glances of many, usually just before he burned them alive.

His magics, specifically his fire magic, were on par with some of greatest pyromancers throughout history. The butcher of Horith was responsible for many disasters throughout his lifespan, and was even rumored to have tampered with the fireworks that were ultimately responsible for the destruction of Fort Halar during the attack that destroyed the trade town.

Zorebane was reported killed by General Gonasta of the Grand Army of Doul shortly after the Battle of Dorn.


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