The Festival of Unity

The Festival of Unity was a large celebration held on the last calendar day of winter in the trade town of Halar in the years prior to its destruction.

During the Festival, the town would be decorated in bright, vibrant colors, ushering in the coming spring. The holiday came about one hundred and twenty years prior to the destruction of Halar when the first dwarven trade caravans made it past snow covered trade routes across the northern reaches of the land. It was named as such to symbolize the union of races within the town’s walls that happened over time.

In the latter years of the celebration, Fort Halar had taken to adding gunpowder filled creations known as “fireworks” to the towns revelries. Dancing, gambling, and drinking were all part of the festival as well.

The celebration typically lasted until sunrise on the first day of spring. Of all the observed holidays in Halar, this particular holiday had an important spot in the hearts of many of the towns residents.

The Festival of Unity

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