The ruling council of Basque, made up of twelve representatives: one from each ruling House. The Head House’s vote counts as two for tie-breaking, and the Head House rotates each month so that no one House keeps power. This can occasionally cause difficulties on tied issues and close votes, and parties will often try to appeal when someone sympathetic to their cause is Head.

The Houses are as follows:

  • Arbol
  • Tiriaq
  • Zifka
  • Sparl
  • Kazlo
  • Midin
  • Manir
  • Pitri
  • Iflov
  • Koshka
  • Vladni
  • Øslar

Towns and villages within the borders of Markstal are aligned wih a House. While there are no official territories, provinces, or states for each House, most have a centralized hub for their activities, and a town in which they have a headquarters. Each also has an estate in Basque Trade routes go between aligned towns, and there are specific routes for trade out of the country as well.


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