Many guilds or groups are defined by their specialties and trades they focus on but very few take the chance to branch out and try to incorporate multiple services, even fewer do so successfully. The Mistrals caravan, recognized more as a roaming guild with no headquarters or home land has successfully integrated numerous facets into their functions with a near flawless success rate. Run by Leen’e Sindral and her adventuring companions the caravan has blossomed into multiple groups that each handle different objectives efficiently and effectively. The groups are recognized by their titles: Acquisition, Exploration, Lore-men, Rounders, Marksmen and Enforcers.

Acquisition[Leader-Leen’e Sindral(Elven Rouge/Ranger)]: This group is the smallest of the six composed mostly of rogues or those who appreciate the challenge of seeking what may be thought lost or irretrievable. Lead by Leen’e this group consists of about twelve members that work in groups of 2-4 at any given time and never in the same location. Requests can be made of them to gather items, people or information of various statuses for an equivalent price according to the request. Each “client” request is screened carefully to avoid falling into outsiders foul play and the client is required to make a personal down payment to ensure fairness on both sides. Because of their work this group has been often in a negative light by most law enforcement and as such tends to stick to areas less likely to have regular patrols.

Exploration[Leader-Hakam Bardin(Dwarf Ranger)] Led by Hakam, an former tracker and pelt trader this expansive group is without question the largest making up most of the caravan’s bulk. Comprised heavily of rangers, druids and barbarians this group covers the majority of the continent they call home including the smaller continents and islands with the task of mapping all that they witness for use by the caravan and occasionally to others. The maps this group draw up are extremely detailed, from the smallest rock to the largest mountain no detail is omitted and no landmark is overlooked. Outsiders of the caravan rarely ever lay eyes on the maps made by Hakam’s group but occasionally they may sell them to select individuals.

Lore-men[Leader-Seth’is Svhan(Half-Elf Sorcerer/Wizard)]: Despite their small size, often numbering around 10-15 members the lore-men specialize in the gathering of information. Local lore, mundane myth or fantastic legends and history alike all find their way into the groups archives which is held specifically for use by the caravan and no other. Release of such information is subject to question by senior members of the group and is heavily regulated, no information regardless of how useless it may seem is released without approval by at least two of the senior members or Seth’is. Collecting such a vast amount of information is no mean feat, as such most of the group is highly social within numerous societies and consists mostly of wizards, sorcerers, scholars and bards. Because of their nature this group does have ties stretching through numerous societies including some dragon clans such as the Bronze, Brass, Gold, and Silver.

Rounders[Leader- Salvador Ignacio(Human Cleric)]: Members with no real talent in any one area or who have other responsibilities such as parenting or care taking fall into this moderate sized group. Rounders are the odd-job specialists of the caravan who tend to deal more with daily care of each group. Scattered through the five major groups they are led by the cleric Salvador voluntarily, who assigns tasks and duties based on group need. These members are open and tend to be more commonly encountered in cities or towns on errands, though they don’t speak of the caravan unless approached believing that most outsiders of the caravan may be approaching them only to exploit the weaker members. The mentality of this group is like a large family and the family tends to stick together, this is also where a majority of the elderly and children are kept to allow the working members of the caravan the freedom to focus on their tasks.

Marksmen[Leader-Jerome “Twin-Peaks” Harris(Fighter/Barbarian)]: This unruly group is led by a former gladiatorial champion known as much for his unusual twin mohawk hair style as he is for the savage fighting style with his twin axes he employees when on the job. He is married to a half-orc woman named Shi’val Leigh, another gladiator who he once competed against in the arena who goes by the moniker “Skull Breaker” and assists in managing the numerous fighters, monks, barbarian and all-around brawlers that make up the group. The marksmen despite their name specialize in hunting specific targets, mostly monsters but occasionally evil humans and other wise law breaking trouble makers. “Marks” as they are referred to by the group are acquired mostly by Jerome and his wife though a few senior members canvass the bars looking for jobs as well. Clients are screened carefully to ensure that any ill fortune or negative consequences from jobs that can be caused by clients can be skillfully avoided, though with the muscle this group contains very few clients are inclined to try and double-cross them in a job offer. Despite their surly nature this group is actually very well disciplined if a bit rowdy following a few pints and are always willing to help others if approached.

Enforcers[Leader- Malik(True Werewolf Fighter/Monk)]: The second largest group next to the explorers group this party is tasked with enforcing the laws of the caravan and ensuring those that break them are met with the penalties. The laws of the caravan are simple: No members are to act for self profit in a way that would bring harm or shame upon the caravan, members are forbidden to kill outsiders(except if necessary for self defense reasons) or other members of the caravan for any reason, disputes within the groups are handled by the group leaders and all decisions made by the leaders are final, and outsiders are to be treated with respect until they prove otherwise to be undeserving of such. Malik has carried out the swift justice of the caravan for many years and has earned the respect of all its members though many newer recruits tend to be wary of having a lycanthrope in their midst. For those that break the laws of the caravan there are two options; appealing to the leader of the group with their argument and hoping for a favorable result or accepting a minor punishment that varies based on their action that can lead to expulsion from the caravan or death. Those who are expelled are refused entry at later times and watched carefully to make sure they do not abuse information about the caravan once outside it. Despite his stoic nature Malik is a close friend to Jerome and Leen’e and is willing to lay down his life for them and any other member of the caravan if need be.

As a group this impressive caravan has canvassed most of the continent, if not all known regions and many unknown areas. Each group has a large area they patrol that eventually leads them all back to the central area of the continent at the end of the year for their annual counsel to determine the next years course of action. Proud and free this group continues their work freely and encourages those who seek them to join and aid in their endeavors. The caravan’s flag is commonly green with gold, a large dual tailed swallow acting as their sign.

*note: All leaders mentioned above were members of the original adventuring party precluding the creation of the caravan.


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