Melesteil Rolovir

Childhood friend to Al’ev, a cute blond hair blue eyed elven girl, she was a year and a half older than the half-elf and often acted as an older sister to both Al’ev and Joshua in their younger days.

In the years leading up to the attack on Halar she was never far away from either of her friends. Those closest to her called her Mel.

Escaping the destruction of Halar due to the efforts of Al’ev and Nalef, Melesteil and her parents made for the elven capital of Caori. She would later make contact with Al’ev, Joshua and Nelya Vanvir via written letter.

When Melesteil was nearing the age of 20, her father began forcing her to meet suitors looking for her hand in marriage. But her heart belonged to Al’ev and Al’ev’s to hers. They were destined for each other and both knew it from the moment they met as children. Melesteil’s father would hear none of this, of course, as he was convinced that Halar’s destruction was entirely the Half-Elf’s fault and that Al’ev was an evil, dangerous man who his daughter would never be seen with again.

Melesteil wrote of her father’s words and actions in letters to Al’ev, indirectly spurring an abrupt and hurtful end to his life in Doul.

Events that followed after Al’ev’s departure from Doul caused the two to meet again for the first time in years. It was a small bit of happiness in an otherwise very difficult time for the young elven woman. Her father had been abducted and her mother murdered by an ifrit that Al’ev properly identified as Zorebane.

When Al’ev told her he was going after Zorebane and her father, she insisted in coming along. The pair were successful in tracking down and ending the ifrit only a day later.

Her father, though frosty at seeing Al’ev again, was able to accept that he was not as bad as he had said he was a few years previous.

Before they went their separate ways Al’ev made Melesteil a promise that if the day came when his own father, Brelzic, no longer hunted him, he would return to her for good and they could start a long happy life together….

Melesteil Rolovir

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