Joshua Drovernath

Childhood friend to Al’ev, he was a human boy of the same age who had dark brown hair and eyes that matched. In combat, he preferred the use of the longsword though he was quite proficient with an assortment of other weapons.

In the years leading up to the fall of Halar, Joshua and Al’ev were the best of friends and often sparred with sticks they found in their back yards.

In his early teens he developed a relationship with Nelya Vanvir which was revealed to Al’ev just prior to the destruction of Halar. Joshua and Nelya would go on to escape the towns destruction and would return days afterwards to find their families did not make it. Vowing revenge on all those responsible, Joshua set out with Nelya and Al’ev to the nation of Doul where fate would play its cruel hand.

Joshua’s current whereabouts are unknown as are his feelings towards his longtime friend Al’ev.

Joshua Drovernath

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