Iron fist monastery

High in the snow capped Larian mountains south of the Dwarven capital Doul, sits a lonely monastery. It is a very old site, the very oldest parts are carved into the very rock of the mountains. The innermost sanctum can be closed off with massive doors of super strong metal with a composition known only to the Dwarves. A front facade and newer sections of the site were added by a short lived influx of humans some 50 years ago. This is the Iron Fist Monastery.

The Iron Body school of thought was a natural progression in the minds of the original founders. After all the Dwarves are the people of the earth. It emphasizes a few key ideas. Purity, honor, righteous fury, and combat as a last resort. Ironically like most martial arts students who make it to the highest echelons of the art become themselves weapons of unheard of strength. Defense is the main focus of the school, teaching oneself how to take blows, to absorb the energy and turn it against your foe. This is achieved though a combination of invoking spirits of the earth and rigorous physical training to harden the body like iron. Even with a main focus of defense, monks are taught to defend themselves with a mix of hand and foot strikes as well as grappling combat and defense. A council of 7 elder monks oversees all training and aspects of life.

A person of any race or nation is permitted to train with the Iron Monks, but will have to past tests set forth by the elder monks. The exact content of each test is not set in stone and they like to include aspects that make prospective students scratch their heads. Historically humans and Dwarves have made up the majority of the tenants, but stories of even Halflings making epic pilgrimages are told to teach morals of dedication. Currently there is a Halfling elder on the council. In order to train though, one must renounce all but a select few ties to the outside world. While it used to be that ties to family and friends must be completely abandoned, over the years the stance has softened slightly though contact with the outside world is still strictly forbidden.

At a certain level in a monk’s training he or she may decide to journey around the world to see and learn how the ideas of purity and honor fit into life outside the monastery. Likewise if a monk chooses he or she may decided to leave the monastery and sever ties with the Iron Monks at any time. Such instances of completely disavowing are exceedingly rare. Once a monk takes a spouse he or she may not return to the monastery to train, and such rule will be in place unless they part ways with their spouse.

Iron fist monastery

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