Halar was a medium sized town with a population of close to 5,000 located in the elven country of Quellion. Just one of several points the Quellion people established to serve as fall back points in times of crises, such as if the nation were to be attacked by a neighbor, Halar eventually flourished until it earned the ire of a handful of red dragons and was burned to ashes.

In the distant past, elven scouts located the area on which Halar would eventually be built, noting the area’s strategic value and how it was protected by Mountains and had its own source of fresh water. Located in the foothills of the Larian Mountains, close to the Dwarven country of Doul, Halar initially served as a military stronghold. Quellion established a small fortress there a couple of centuries ago meant to serve both as a fall back point and watching post. Over time the soldiers stationed there brought in their families and the small village of Halar was eventually established to house them. Not too long after that, traders followed and the village would continue to grow.

More recent years appeared to bring good fortune to Halar when it was designated as the primary trading point between Quellion and Doul. This caused a great growth spurt that resulted in the populace of the town reaching nearly 5,000 individuals. It was because of this that the Illundra made a push to establish the Arcane Library of Halar there in the hopes of spreading the true nature of arcane magics to their superstitious Dwarven allies.

However, good fortune only lasts so long. Only two decades after the foundation of the Arcane Library, Halar was burned to the ground by a handful of red dragons. Many of its 5,000 citizens were killed during the carnage that ensued during that night. The whole town and even the neighboring military base, was reduced to scorched earth and rubble.

The attack also caused tensions to raise between the once stalwart allies of Quellion and Doul as their primary trade route was essentially wiped off the map.

Following the Illundra push to rebuild the Arcane Library of Halar, the town began to be rebuilt from the rubble as well. Today it is approaching its size prior to the town’s destruction and has begun to see an increase in trade once again.

Notable Observed Holidays:
Day of the Swordsman
The Festival of Unity


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