Aris Ashensoul

One of the primary characters within the children’s book called The Forgotten Tails, she was a half-dragon said to have been hunted down by dragon hunters in times long past.

It was discovered recently that this was not actually the case. The story detailed in The Forgotten Tails did not accurately depict events of the past. Aris detailed the events of the story in The Forgotten Tails, a book of her own making. This book “Dragons and Other Races: A Comprehensive Study of Dragons and Other Races” would later become one of few that explained the perils through which many Half-Dragons had to tread in order to reach full adulthood.

While she was born many years previously, Aris was half-dragon and half-elf. As such, she would have had an abnormally lengthy life span.

Even today travelers still spread rumors of an elderly elven woman who wears white dragon scales as though they were her own…

Aris Ashensoul

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