Arcane Library of Halar

When one craves knowledge, one has but to search for that craving to be satisfied.

That was one of the primary ideas behind the Arcane Library of Halar. One of few multi story buildings that could be found in Halar, the library was a marvel Elven architecture. Built freestanding with materials both conjured and otherwise, the building was a treasure trove of knowledge, both of the mundane and the arcane.

Thousands upon thousands of books could be found on shelves throughout the Library, many could only be read by those with knowledge of the arcane. The subjects were as varied as the languages they could be found in, which was well into the thousands if one counted various dialects.

Staffed by both the seen and unseen it was somewhat disquieting to be doing research in one of its numerous nooks and crannies. But most didn’t mind too much as the books were numerous enough to keep one’s attention for long periods of time. In fact, if someone was late to some duty, be it school, watch post or otherwise, they could often be found lost in a book somewhere in the halls of the Arcane Library of Halar. Sometimes literally as the books occasionally held dormant magics themselves!

The Illundra were the primary advocates behind the creation of the Arcane Library of Halar, the first of several branch libraries the mysterious group had planned to establish. Most suspected that they chose Halar simply because it was close to the Dwarven nation of Doul, a nation that looked poorly upon arcane magic to say the least. The Illundra had hoped that by educating the many passing Dwarven traders they could put to rest the notion that magic of the arcane was the work of demons. They might have been successful if not for the attack on Halar around 20 years after the creation of the library.

The library and just about all of the knowledge stored there was lost when the city was burnt to the ground. But the Illundra were not about to let one of their pet projects be beaten. A mere two years after its destruction, the Library stood anew, a shining beacon of Elven defiance in the face of disaster. Halar would slowly rise again from the rubble as though determined to return to the ways of old.

Arcane Library of Halar

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