Sword of the Arcane Defender

Al'ev's self named sword.

weapon (melee)

This sword is much like other longswords of the age with a few visible exceptions.

1) The hand guard on this sword is much wider than those of other longswords, able to act as a miniature shield.

2)Underneath this hand guard is a slot for a gem which is currently used for storing spells.

3)The blade reaches a length of around 3 1/2 feet. This variation includes a hint of elven artistry, however, and is slightly curved which increases its durability slightly.


This sword was created by the artisans of the Guild of Arbiters at the request of Al’ev Reldin shortly before the group’s adventures that took them to Orleon.

Al’ev has had several chances to use the weapon in battle and has been pleased with the results. Offensively it is a powerhouse. Defensively it has been responsible for keeping him alive through more than a couple battles.

Because of its success, Al’ev asked the Guild of Arbiters to craft him an improved version which he received prior to his run in with the Avatar of Lamashtu within Crim’s body and the group’s eventual trek into enemy territory where he would look to face his father for the first time.

Sword of the Arcane Defender

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