Bags of Sharing

magic bags


These are a set of bags that are keyed to eachother any items that are placed inside a sack goes to a demensional pocket. All bags that are keyed together use the same pocket (thus an item placed in one bag can be retrieved through another). Anything living placed in the bag imetiatly begins to suffocate and dies 2 rounds later. If the bag is turned inside out everything inside the pocket is immediately dumped on the floor. If a bag is placed inside another bag of sharing that is keyed to the same pocket it is immediately destroyed causing all bags using that pocket to explode for 6d10 damage in a 20ft radius. If it is placed in another bag of sharing keyed to a different pocket it is treated as a normal item. To retrieve a specific item from the bag takes a standard action, in rushed situations it might require a concentration check.


Bags of Sharing

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