The wandering vagabond


“It doesn’t matter how the job gets done, just that its done well”
A quote from his foster mother, a mercenary, and a guiding principal played across the mind of the young rogue as sat within the Arbitor’s Guild waiting hall waiting for the rest of his party to assemble for the task set upon him by the guild. Looking around the room he sighed inwardly before closing his eyes and letting his mind drift back to the events that led to this point in his life.
Velius, an orphan from birth, was discovered under an old oak by the mercenary Leen’e Sindral a rogue mercenary who led the troupe she called the “Mistrals” a small group of mercenaries who lived their lives on the road. Looking down upon the sleeping child and having no real heir to her own name she brought the child back to the troupe and thus began the childs life as “runt” the moniker given to him by Leen’e. At the age of 6 “runt” was presented with a stack of scrolls and told to choose a name that he would be given once he reached 10 years of age. Scanning the scrolls one name stood out to the youth “Velius” the title of a short story he founds amidst the scrolls that talked about the world from the point of the demon telling the story whose picture was that of a large ram-headed beast wielding a massive sword and flanked by titanic beasts assumed to be his guards and refered to as “Ul’tma”. Growing up within the troupe was a rough ordeal for the child as even from an early age he was expected to pull his own weight which often fell into either the role of a message runner, chore hand or whatever simple tasks the members of the group thought he could handle. This was enforced heavily by his mother who was easily the harshest of all the troupe when it came to completion and perfection and who rarely showed affection beyond a pat on the head or sharp punch of affection to the shoulder of the child before setting more tasks on him. Velius, a quick learner, picked up on his mothers’ talents quickly and the older he got the better his skills as a rogue became until he was leading a small detachment of mercenaries from the troupe on odd jobs taken from villages and towns they passed through in thier travles. Although he enjoyed the freedom of his troupe to go where he wished Velius hoped to eventualy find other men and women outside the troupe he could relate with that he could call friend and travel with making his own name known and spreading the name of his mother’s troupe. At the 19 Velius traveled to the city where the Arbitor’s guild was located and after some “entertaining” tasks set upon him he earned the trust of the guild and the townfolk in the surrounding area for his thorough nature despite his shyness and occasional sharp tounge.
He opened his eyes as the door to the waiting room opened in walked a halfling sorcerer and a half-elf magus he had worked with before on prior assignments and flanking them were a monk, ninja and a cleric following closely behind them. All faces he knew and would be trusting as they made thier way to Kassadin where he hoped another simple task awaited them. Walking out of the guild behind the group he looked the the sky wondering where his travels would ulitimatly lead him and if these " companions" could be his fate to follow. The wind picked up and noticing the lead his companions had gained he jogged to catch up and allow fate to run it’s course.

Note From GM
Parts in refuring to the Arbiters guild and party are in the near future.


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