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He was nothing more than just another goblin in the clan… That is, until he took a position in a group sent out to hunt down the stuff that nightmares are made of — humans who come in the night and steal the children… No one ever came back from those groups, at least not alive. Without young ones the clan was starting to die out. A few made it to adults, but those were the ones who spend their childhood hiding, usually a bit away from the clan, and as a result were a little bit messed up in the head.

The first thing he heard of what he thought was going to be the end, was the sound of the dogs attacking the human that they were able to track the children to. When he and the others finally burst out of the woods, he realized he was in a worse position then he had previously thought. The human they had thought was alone, had his protectors with him. While the others decided to take out the human on the cart and a few of the protectors, he noticed something odd… These protectors weren’t like the others. Most of them weren’t human, for one, and also they were using more magic than just the accursed sleep sticks. Despite these differences, they still seemed to be slaughtering his kin, so he started letting loose at the one other human who was healing the wounds on the others. As the fight wore on, he could not help but marvel at how these protectors were so much more incompetent than the others. (Numerous times he saw them attack each other!) It was near the end when it wasn’t looking like he would make it through this fight, that he was just about knocked off his feet. Not from a blow physical or magical, but from surprise. The human he was trying to kill—curse that armor!—started speaking to him… in his own language. Despite being caught off guard, (or perhaps because he was caught off guard), he began talking with the human and reached a wary truce between them. (It turned out they weren’t protectors, just travelers caught in the fight. No wonder they were so inept.)

So here he was standing amongst these… others, with the human from the cart at their mercy, and for the first time he knew of the children recovered. He could see it now: Grobble, Ambassador to the others and Hero of his people.

  • He Dies in the battle that allowed the heroes access to the mountain to kill Brelzic. Gobbling Erect a HUGE statue of him outside the mountain.
  • The clan of goblins is taken over by one of Grobbles own lineage. Wobble Slayer of All Big Ugly Green Things That Look Like Orks But Aren’t Friends.
  • For the most part the goblins retreat under the mountains (later to work with the Warforged) though some start taking up the calling of adventurer from that clan .


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