A strange glowing girl who appears long enough to perform then disappears quickly.


As an infant, Whikebain was given to a mysterious young man in exchange for a large sum of money that her parents were able to use to pay off their debts. He willingly accepted the child of the two seemingly humans as her glimmering skin and clear, shining gaze intrigued him. As she grew, his gamble proved fruitful as she took on characteristics that were pleasing to the eyes. It was also discovered that she had a strange power to create an instrument out of air, invisible to the eye but not to the ear, which was a result of her ancestral race. He raised and tutored her in many languages, stories and songs so that she quickly became his source of entertainment. He considered her part of his treasured collection.
Her background was never a secret. She knew how she came to be in the hands of this man, and never once did she put blame on her parents or felt unloved. She knew little of her guardian, and simply called him Guardian. He did not appear to age, little did he leave the estate, and rarely during daylight hours, his features were of pale complexion and dark hair and eyes, and those who actually visited either highly respected or feared his presence, and never did they stay more than a handful of hours at most. Usually it was just the two of them, and for most hours of the day he spent his time locked away in his study. He never told her what he used his time on, and she never asked. He was always serious, and rarely smiled, so Whikebain did not know the meaning of “goofing off”.
Loneliness was not foreign, for she never met with anyone. He kept her hidden from visitors. The residence in which the two lived was large for two, and surrounded by a grossly blanket of evergreens. Roaming out of sight of the house was not permitted, but otherwise she was free to spend her time wherever she pleased in the hours she was not entertaining him.
When she was fifteen, she was gifted a Leopard kitten, to which she gave the name Elysia, Ely. Ely was a present from a strangely long journey.
It was not long before her nineteenth birthday that she broke the rules for the first time. Ely, strangely particular to a hare hunt and refusing to give it up, charged beyond what Whikebain had known as the established boundary to which she was allowed to roam. Barely noticing her error, she chased after Ely and soon found herself face to face with a strange female creature. She had never seen another female before. This female found Whikebain’s situation strange, and encouraged her to come to the local village to talk to her elders. After a long time, she finally agreed, mostly curious to see other beings.
Within seconds of agreeing, Whikebain felt slightly dizzy and very drowsy. By the time she came to, she was being carried by her guardian back to the residence, with a solemn Ely trotting at their side. She asked him what had become of her new friend, to which he replied that the female was now dead and it would be most unwise if she were to attempt to leave the boundaries again.
Shocked, and terrified, she left the residence that very night, possibly being blessed that leaving so soon after the threat was so unexpected that she slipped out with Ely almost easily. Or perhaps what exertion he spent on being out in the daylight had afforded her his hours of rest to escape in.
On her own, she quickly learned that she needed a way to survive. Her appearance drew attention, and her companion attracted fear. She threw aside her old name, becoming Caramel, and using the training she had received, she would find the most popular section of a village or city, removed the hooded cloak she adorned, summoned her instrument and would sing and play for the entertainment of the folk. This, along with Ely performing tricks, made her money to get by. Every performance was terrifying for her, as she had had no social interaction aside from her guardian and the ways of man are foreign. There was never a goal, other than staying away from the guardian she had loved and now was terrified of, and just staying alive.

Caramel can be taken as a shy girl who avoids prolonged interaction. She rarely removes her cloak from shrouding her skin and face, as she doesn’t want to attract unnecessary attention, unless for a performance, and never stays in a place long after performing. When not in a performance, Ely tends to stalk the edges of town and attempts to join Caramel at night in town if it’s possible. If not, the two try to find refuge elsewhere for the night. Caramel thoroughly enjoys singing and telling stories, so can be found doing so when no one is around or paying attention, however, she does not like to tell stories to others often. She tries to stay on the move, and keeps an eye out for any opportunity that may provide her with safety from her strange guardian. Due to trying to prevent her from leaving, her guardian never allowed her to study maps or learn where the two of them were located, so she is unfamiliar with the world and tends to just roam randomly, hoping to be lucky. On an odd note, she has a strange fascination to sparkly objects, to which the reason is unknown.

Update: Upon joining the Arbitor’s guild on a whim, she has grown use to and fond of her travelling companions, much to her surprise. The courage she spent to attempt to befriend her companions has caused her to be more outspoken and daring in further interactions, much to her companions dismay ((there was a better word that I couldn’t remember, please let me know if you think of it)). For her social interaction is still very preschool, and she doesn’t tend to think before blurting out her thoughts.

Edited: Removed the druid part of her background now that she is no longer part druid and is a full bard.


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