Zell ("Brother")


Very charismatic brother to Al’ev who tried to hijack Al’ev’s route during portal travel. He’s built with obvious elven blood, but sports the red scales, small horns, and wings of red dragon blood. Apparently is in poor standing with his father and other brothers.

He turned up in Trinity not too long after the Red Dragon attack on the city and was taken into the care of the adventurers. Claims to no longer have an interest in working for his father or the red dragons and instead wishes to pursue just about every woman in Trinity.

More recently, “brother” has been given the name “Zell” after Al’ev mentioned that Sindri should name him after Al’ev’s brother and the Halfling became “good friends.”


In the years after the war he establishes a false identity as a half elve and opens up a tailoring shop that caters to high fashion…. his latest trend is for those that can afford enough red dragonscales to wear skin tight dragonscale suits.

Zell ("Brother")

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