Al'ev Reldin

Heir to Dragons


Al’ev Reldin
Level 7 Magus Level 1 Bard (Magician) Level 3 Dragon Disciple Half-Elf Male (Elf/Dragon)
Speed: 20 feet (+30ft if Expeditious Retreat is active)
HP: 119
Homeland: Quellion (Born in Doul)
Deity: Cayden Cailean/Sarenrae (Explained in extended backstory.)

Physical Description
Height: 6’1"
Age: 28 Years Old
Weight: 167 lbs.
Hair: Red-Brown (mostly brown)
Eyes: Black with flecks of Green
Skin: Fair(strong hints of red scales are evident)

Primary Stats
Strength: 18 (4)
Dexterity: 15 (2)
Constitution: 14 (2)
Intelligence: 21 (5)[23 (6)]
Wisdom: 14 (2)[16 (3)]
Charisma: 12 (1)[14 (2)]

Saving Throws
Fortitude 9
Reflex 7
Will 12

Armor Class
AC: 22
Touch: 13
Flat-Footed: 19

Base: 7/2
Longsword (1): 12/7 for 1D8+5 damage
Sword of the Arcane Defender (improved): 15/10 for 1D8+7 damage
Scorpion Whip: 11/6 1D4+4

CMB: 10
CMD: 24

Skills [Class Skill]
[Appraise:] 6
[Craft____:] 6
Heal: 3
Survival: 3

Ranked Skills [Class Skill]
[Acrobatics:] 4
[Bluff:] 6
[Climb:] 4
[Diplomacy:] 11
[Disguise:] 6
[Escape Artist:] 2
[Fly:] 9
[Intimidate:] 10
[Knowledge (Arcana):] 21
[Knowledge (Dungeoneering):] 11
[Knowledge (Engineering):] 10
[Knowledge (Geography):] 10
[Knowledge (History):] 10
[Knowledge (Local):] 10
[Knowledge (Nature):] 11
[Knowledge (Nobles):] 10
[Knowledge (Planes):] 10
[Knowledge (Religion):] 10
[Linguistics:] 11
[Perception:] 25
[Perform-Dance:] 6
[Profession]-Librarian: 7
[Profession]-Soldier: 7
[Ride]: 5
[Sense Motive:] 11
[Spellcraft]: 21
[Stealth:] 2
[Swim]: 4
[Use Magic Device]: 10

Skill Focus: Perception
Armor Proficiency: Light
Armor Proficiency: Medium
Weapon Proficiency: Simple
Weapon Proficiency: Martial
Improved Initiative
Weapon Focus: Longsword
Combat Expertise
Improved Counterspell
Merciful Spell
Spell Penetration


Magus Spells
Level 0 Spells (Infinite/Day) (DC 16)

Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Spark

Level 1 Spells (7/day) (DC 17)

Burning Hands, Color Spray, Flare Burst, Magic Missile, Magic Weapon, Shield, True Strike, Shocking Grasp, Feather Fall, Expeditious Retreat, Mount

Level 2 Spells (6/day) (DC 18)
Invisibility, Fire Breath, Cat’s Grace, Scorching Ray, Bull’s Strength, Mirror Image, Frigid Touch

Level 3 Spells (4/day) (DC 19)
Fly, Fireball, Slow, Dispell Magic, Lighting Bolt, Haste

Level 4 Spells (1/day) (DC 20)
-—-None Learned———-

Level 5 Spells (0/day)
-—-None Learned———-

Level 6 Spells (0/day)
-—-None Learned———-

Bard Spells

Level 0 Spells (infinite/day) (DC 12)
Know Direction, Mending, Message, Resistance

Level 1 Spells (2/day) (DC 13)
Alarm, Share Language

Special Abilities
Low Light Vision
Immune to Magic Induced Sleep. +2 saving throw against enchantment spells/effects
Spell Combat
Arcane Pool (1/2 Magus level + int mod = 9)
Magus Arcana: Spell Shield
Magus Arcana: Empowered Spell (1/day)
Spell Recall (formerly “Pool Spell”)
Knowledge Pool
Bardic Performance (standard action) -Distraction, Dweomercraft +1, Fascinate
Claws (5 rounds/day)
Bite (5 rounds/day)
Red Dragon (Fire) (plus 1 damage/die for spells matching your bloodline’s energy type.)
Resistance to Fire Damage (5)
Breath Weapon (1/day) (DC13 3d6 damage)

Common, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic (Red Dialect), Draconic (Bronze Dialect), Ignan, Sylvan, Draconic (Green Dialect), Draconic (Black Dialect), Draconic (Blue Dialect)


Backpack, Tent, Bedroll, Rations, Blunt Arrows (2), Magus Spell Book, Longsword (plus 1 in bag), Chainmail (plus 1) (equipped), Chain Shirt plus 1(in bag), Chain Shirt (in bag), Composite Longbow (STR 2 rating), Arrows, “Improved Sword of the Arcane Defender” (Defending/spell-storing plus 3 longsword), Circlet of Superior Intellect (+2)

Platinum Pieces: 1
Gold Pieces: 13323
Silver Pieces: 86
Copper Pieces: 89

Will Save Chart (In blood rage situations)

This chart is no longer needed as Al’ev has mastered his blood!


“Tch. The Dwarves would still be going. What? Yeah, even after 7 pints.” – To a bar patron at the Wiggly Dagger in Varalon.

“Wait. What is that? No no no. You can’t use magic in a game of stone, parchment, shears. Oh for the love of… Fine, fine! Do what you like. Just don’t chew on my armor. People will stare.” Al’ev to Grobble in the Varalon low market.

“Ouch. He’ll feel that one in the morning.”
“It is morning.”
“Exactly. And he’s feeling it.”
Al’ev to one of his companions after another painful looking kill.

laughs “That’s why I like books. They don’t stab you in the toe.”
Al’ev to Crim upon asking why his foot was bleeding.

“Agreed. Until you get to know her better, talking with T’lemya is like walking through a hall riddled with ill tempered dragons. You’re fine as long as you step carefully. The second you take a wrong step, though, something sharp tends to find your skin.”

“Death? No I do not fear death. All things die eventually. What I do fear is the pain my death would visit upon those who I care about. Such pain is deep and scaring and does not fade with time.”
Al’ev upon surviving yet another near death experience.


Al’ev Reldin’s 28 years in this world have been, many would say, quite interesting.

Born to an elven woman named Nalef Reldin and a sinister Red Dragon simply known as Brelzic, he was found at a young age to have an interest in the magic that permeated the air. As such he could often be found at the Arcane Library of Halar.

Nalef had kept the child’s whereabouts secret from the Red Dragon and taken Al’ev to the mid sized town of Halar in the hopes of keeping the boy hidden among its populace. It wasn’t to be, for the boy had begun to learn how to twist the very fabrics of magic. It was the same thing that had originally drawn Brelzic to Nalef nearly 15 years previously and it would be no different now that the boy had shown the talent.

Brelzic and several other red dragons fell upon Halar in the middle of the night, systematically destroying all that existed before them. During this attack, Nalef managed to sneak the young teen to the outskirts of Halar without notice using her own knowledge of the arcane, much to Al’ev’s surprise.

It was there with their home, friends and all Al’ev had ever known, being demolished around them that Nalef explained why this was all happening. Al’ev learned of his father. He learned that Nalef had loved Brelzic. A child had been conceived. It wasn’t until later she had realized why the red dragon had entered into such a relationship. He wanted to combine the powers of a red dragon with those of a highly skilled wizard and groom an heir who would be far more powerful than any existing members of any other dragon flight. Nalef then told Al’ev they had to part ways for, together, their magical might would act as a beacon for Brelzic to hunt them with. She told him to keep his magical use to a minimum so that he could remain concealed from his father. She told him she loved him and that someday they would see each other again and that she looked forward to seeing the man he would become. Then, with tears in her eyes, she vanished from the spot. Al’ev later realized it was a teleportation spell, something well beyond his means. With dragons roaring around him, he ran.

Over the next several weeks of stumbling about the countryside and into the country of Doul, he came across some dwarven soldiers. They took pity on him, recognizing him as a lucky survivor of the Halar attack, and later decided to conscript him into the Doulish army.

It was there, over several years, that he learned the way of conventional hand to hand combat from various combat instructors as well as the native language, Dwarven. He also learned a little of how to ride various mounts and the extent to which Dwarves enjoyed their ale.

Al’ev only occasionally practiced his magic, ever mindful of his mother’s warning about his father’s senses. He had to do so in private for other reasons though. The nation of Doul was full of very superstitious people, mostly Dwarves but some like minded members of other races as well. They practically outlawed magic of the arcane schools claiming them to be blasphemy and the work of demons. He only practiced in secluded corners of libraries, ever his true home away from home, and only very rarely did he actually cast any spell. It was after years of living in Doul that he was caught casting a minor light spell while looking for a book in a library. The dwarf who saw him didn’t even hesitate in trying to kill Al’ev. Al’ev was forced to defend his life, killing the man in the full knowledge that his actions would mean an end to his life in Doul.

Before word could spread, Al’ev fled the country. In doing so he broke several laws, both minor and major. Murder, even if in self defense, was questionable at best in the Dwarven kingdom. Abandoning his duty as a soldier, on the other hand, wasn’t questionable at all. Such an action was equitable to treason. There were heavy penalties that would be put on his head after abandoning his duty. Al’ev knew in his heart he was doing the right thing. He had to live, and he had to move on. This wasn’t the time or place to die.

It was at the age of twenty, a now well versed Al’ev settled down in the town of Kassadin located within the human country of Oskalon. He took a job working with what he knew best and held dear, books. Occasionally he would practice magic, for there were no superstitions here as in Dwarven lands, though people still tended to shy away from the arcane. He also worked on keeping his swordsmanship in good practice, something the townspeople were much more happy to help him with until he was able to best most of them. He went on living quietly, helping the townspeople for several years.

However, in the back of his mind, he knew he would have to move on from this peaceful little town too. His power was growing, he could feel that. And if he could, then so could Brelzic.

Now at the age of 28, Al’ev knows destiny is upon him. The signs have presented themselves over the past few years. Several interesting people had come to frequent the town as of late. It was with them he knew his fate lay. He dons his armor and sword, grabs his spellbook and steps out into the morning sun…..

As Al’ev’s abilities have increased, his father’s blood has gained a stronger hold on his emotions and thoughts. In more recent adventures, the blood of the red flight has lead to the magus losing his temper and patience rather quickly, something he had not done very often in the past. Though his command of magic and his skills in combat were increasing at a rapid rate, it had been coming at a heavy price.

Al’ev spent a considerable amount of time researching ways to let his blood benefit him instead of causing him to grow callous and potentially harmful towards his allies. He spent years searching but found very little.

Research material and the resources to find more material were some of the primary reasons he chose to join the Guild of Arbiters when the opportunity arose. He thought that guild members would have access to more knowledge than a common librarian ever would. However, there has been very little progress despite his best efforts due to the nature of the tasks he and his companions have been sent out on. The time he had to find answers was growing short.

This was made abundantly clear to the magus when, after thinking of his lost friend Garyuu, his entire hand briefly transformed. It became the claw of a red dragon. This has spurred the magus to figure out ways to make his blood benefit him with much more urgency than he had previously for he knew it would only be a matter of time before there was another transformation incident…

What he wasn’t ready for, however, was the time it took for his condition to become more serious. A mere three weeks after the transformation in Varalon, the heroes had found themselves about ready to set sail on the search for green Dragon allies. It was there, where he found the condition had spread to his neck.

Seeing how he was becoming increasingly aggressive, and knowing that it was only going to get worse unless he did something about it, he decided to leave the group for a time until he deemed himself ready to reunite with them.

Thus he set off in search of knowledge that had been purged from everywhere he had looked. He turned to the Arcane Library of Halar and hoped to find answers there.

He did in the form of a text written by someone he had previously thought to be nothing more than a myth, Aris Ashensoul. Reading a few passages while on the return trip back to Trinity, he saw that there was a slim chance he’d be able to hold onto his mind and endure the inevitable transformation his body was already undergoing.

Al’ev has now mastered his blood and has regained his clear thinking mind. This has come at a small price to his previously cool headed thinking. The dragon blood remains, and its influence will forever flow through his veins, but he has gained the ability to have choice. His blind rage will no longer be a threat to those around him as he has regained a clarity that he hasn’t had for several months.

He attributes his success to the presence of the rest of the heroes and their affect on his life as well as a couple of very important people from his past.

Perhaps spurred by a visit to his fiancee of several years, Melesteil Rolovir, Al’ev’s dragon heritage has manifested itself and he has taken to hiding this with a simple cloak when in open crowds.

After several harrowing adventures he finally faced his father in combat, allies at his side. The fight was quick and brutal and in the end he and his allies emerged victorious. However, they learned of an impending invasion that was merely postponed by their actions.

Grim with this news they spent a bit of time recovering after their battle then fought their way back down the mountain and into the fields of battle beyond.

What happened to him in the years following has not yet been written…

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Al'ev Reldin

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