Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

Varalon and the Meadow of Disappearance

The Trek to Varalon was one the heroes would remember for many different reasons. But it is what the goblin incident at the Battle of the Botch that would be the most memorable.

The Heroes of Kassadin had survived an audience with a Goblin village, something that not many outsiders have been able to claim throughout history. Of course, not many would ever admit to that either. They continued on to Varalon along side of the Goblin “ambassador” Grobble and the rescued street urchin Little John. The two day travel was mostly uneventful, aside from getting used to the company of the new comers.

The gates of Varalon in sight, the group hopped into line with all the traders and travelers using this entrance of the city. The majority of the group, including a very well disguised Grobble, made it into the City with little incident. With a bit of nervousness, Crim made it past the city guard as well. The rest of the group was much amused by his almost literal stumbling through the entrance.

Having heard from the guard upon entering the city, Sindri Stribog was determined to get some alcohol. Enough to “put hairs on his chest” as the guard had claimed it would. Crim followed Sindri on the advice of Little John, who had mentioned that the tavern would be a good place to find a purveyor of poisons. The rest of the group, including their Guide to Trinity, Grobble, Little John, and Al’ev “Olive” Reldin headed for the market to keep a promise with Grobble.

Sindri and Crim made it inside the Wiggly Dagger with no incident. Crim ordered two beers after trying to get some information out of the bar keep. Sindri wasted no time in getting started on a beer. While the halfling was enjoying his drink, Crim managed to locate the poisons vendor. There was no transaction as Crim wasn’t willing to part with the amount of gold required for a vial. For the third time during the journey, Crim managed to lose a Katana when, after failing to swipe a vial while the merchant’s back was turned, he was forced to dive out a second story window. The move was quite graceful, until he realized he had left his last Katana inside. By this point, Sindri had already finished the majority of his mug, but had passed out.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group found the low market with the guidance of Little John. Grobble was quick to pick out what he wanted. It turned out that Goblins seemed to enjoy the parts of a rat that humans don’t typically eat. Paying a stall vendor for what the “sick human” had eaten, the group continued to look around the market. The group’s Guide picked up a religious relic while Al’ev and Grobble played one of the few games Al’ev had seen goblins playing in the village, a version of stone, parchment, shears. Al’ev was rather upset at losing several times to the ambassador. Their business done in the market, they decided to go back to the Dagger to see what kind of trouble their two companions had managed to get into. They bumped into Crim just outside the market area. He was disarmed and had a rather nasty bump on his head as well. Healing his wound and suggesting Little John accompany Crim to find a blacksmith, the group parted ways again, Crim and Little John heading to a weaponsmith and the rest of the group heading back to the Dagger to find Sindri and a few rooms for the night.

Crim wasn’t successful at finding a replacement weapon at the blacksmith and was forced to find lodging in the tavern Micky T’s across from the Wiggly Dagger. Al’ev and the Guide rented a couple of rooms for the group and, grabbing the still passed out Sindri, went to get some sleep.

The night provided the break the group needed in helping the Goblins find out who was behind the kidnapping of their children. The Thugs, a group of individuals who had been hired out to be the muscle for goblin kidnappings in the past, showed up at the Dagger. Al’ev and the group’s Guide, who had given her name as Dessy to the guard at the gate outside Varalon, decided to try to get some information. Taking a spot at the bar so that he could keep an eye on the rest of the tavern, Al’ev chatted with the bar keep a bit while nursing a beer. Meanwhile Dessy attracted plenty of attention, as Al’ev had noticed she was quite good at. (It was hard not to!) Using that attention she went over to The Thugs and talked to them about possibly hiring them or paying them for any information. They obviously seemed more interested in Dessy herself but were eventually…persuaded…to give up the location of the drop point for the goblin children in the past. Marking it on the map, the group had all the information they needed. Al’ev and Dessy eventually found their way back to their rooms finding Grobble asleep and Sindri still passed out.

Meanwhile, Crim was having blissful dreams of frolicking through battle with twin katana that he no longer possessed. Waking upon daybreak, he found the room to be slightly different than when he went to sleep. A Katana, his katana, and his gold pouch were on the chair he had left propped against the door. The window was wide open. A note was found on the katana saying “You really are fail.” It was obvious that Little John had managed to retrieve his Katana at the cost of 10 gold. Crim left Micky T’s and met his companions on the road between the taverns. They explained all that had happened the previous night. Everyone, well, almost everyone, was amused to see Sindri still passed out, a bit of the Halfling’s rations finding their way back to daylight on Al’ev’s armor. A plan quickly formed and, after ordering up a new katana at a high end weapon shop, acquiring some rations and a new cart, the group set off for the meadow that had been marked on the map.

They found it easily two days later, after following a path that had been well marked by the tracks left in the dirt by previous users. Finding nobody at the meadow, the group decided to bring the cart to the middle and leave a few people laying within until the masterminds behind the kidnappings showed themselves.

It was a long wait. But one that was not fruitless.

At around one in the morning the group was alerted by Crim, there was a heavy noise in the wind. A few seconds passed before the others started to hear it.
In the next few seconds Al’ev saw the tragedy at Halar replay in his mind’s eye. Realizing what they were about to see, he warned everyone to run, and they did so.

Two red dragons materialized from the night. The group watched from the edge of the clearing, hidden well behind the trees.

One of the dragons landed to inspect the now empty cart. Sniffing, he yelled out in draconic, “I smell the blood of the Red.”

That very blood, Al’ev’s blood, went uncharacteristically cold. He was being called out.

Knowing what these two would do if he didn’t show himself, he calmly showed himself acknowledging the giant beast in its own tongue, mindful of the fact that they hadn’t appeared to notice any of the others. The conversation didn’t last long, though Al’ev would likely tell otherwise if asked. The Reds identified the Half Elf, and confirmed what his mother had told him thirteen years previously. His father was indeed Brelzic. Al’ev almost missed the line about him not being the only offspring. He was happy enough to know they were not going to kill him on the spot.

And with that the Dragons jumped into the sky. Al’ev fell to his knees. The world had spun once again. What would his companions be thinking? He’d have to explain what happened here soon. Would they even want to risk being in the company of an offspring of the red flight? Would they even trust him to watch their backs ever again? And what of Sindri? He apeared to be of dragon blood as well. Would the hatred between flights cause his little companion to turn on him?

Questions for another time for Brelzic would likely soon know where he was. They all had to leave the area, and soon.

The group left the clearing, taking the cart with them, and camped back by the main road for the night. Rattled, most fell into a fairly restless sleep.

Al’ev had a lot of thinking to do, and in the morning, even more explaining, after the incident in the Meadow of Disappearance.


The Dragons did not actually say anything about talking to Brelzic in regards of Al’uv


Huh, I thought they had said as much. feels somewhat less threatened I suppose it should be edited to state as much?




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