Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

Trinity, The Guild of Arbiters and Crustakin Hold

Varalon and the Meadow of Disappearance ended up being a bit of a hit for the Heroes of Kassadin. The group had finally uncovered who was behind the Goblin children kidnappings but in doing so also found out there was very little they could do to solve the issue.

The group wasn’t capable of taking on Red Dragons the size they were confronted with in the Meadow of Disappearance, at least not with any reasonable hope of survival. So they decided to do the only other thing they could for the Goblins, tell them about the dragons and insist they move away from the area.

The Goblins were upset but understanding and appreciated the gesture of receiving another cart to help them on their move deeper into the forest. Saying goodbye to Grobble and wishing the Goblins luck, the group decided to head back to Varalon and then on to Trinity where they were to meet with the Guild of Arbiters.

Surprised that his companions didn’t bother to ask what had happened in the meadow, Al’ev “Olive” Reldin was quick to get the group moving. They stopped in Varalon only long enough to pick up some rations and fairly poorly crafted katana, much to Crim’s disgust.

Travel between Trinity and Varalon only took two days and the roads were very busy. The group arrived at the gates of Trinity’s Human District with no difficulty. Picking up a map near the entrance, the found that the building they needed to meet with the Guild in was located at the city’s center. Her job with the Guild completed, Desira told the Heroes of Kasaddin she would not be entering the building with them. She handed over the letter they needed that stated their reason for being there and bid them farewell. The group, while saddened by the thought of losing the companionship and skills of the highly attractive cleric, also said their goodbye’s and moved into the building.

The first thing they noticed was a rather, uncharismatic half orc behind a desk. Going up to him the group learned that this man was actually Groatal “Goat”, head of the Guild of Arbiters. Taken aback at being greeted by the head of the Guild himself, the group presented their letter. It was then they learned of why Goat had asked for them. Word of the Heroes of Kassadin had spread fairly far outside the little town. Goat recognized the skill it had to have taken to accomplish what they had and immediately sent for them to come to Trinity.

Unfortunately, the reason for the group being here was because the guild was very short on personnel, with only 16 active members on the entire continent and numerous problems requiring their attention, the Guild of Arbiters was desperate. Goat formally asked them to join the Guild of Arbiters, explaining what their duties would entail, what the perks and downsides were and showing them the library of Arbiter’s Tomes. The group had to think on the question of whether they would join or not for a short time. While they were deciding and asking more questions to Goat, Sindri Stribog set out to find the group’s guide to Trinity, Dessi.

It wasn’t too difficult to find her as she always seemed to attract attention whereever she went, something that the hormonal adolescent was certainly well aware of. He convinced her to enter the Guild’s building and join once more with the others. She had several questions of her own that the adventurers had yet to ask. After hearing these answers they found no more reason to think on the question any longer. Three of the Heroes of Kassadin, Al’ev, Sindri, and Crim, accepted the offer to join and were asked to follow Goat into a room that appeared to be quite simple.

Exactly what happened there is unknown. No one but the Arbiters themselves know of what happens in that room. Each of the three emerged from the room over the next thirty minutes or so, their own Arbiter’s tome and a new Bag of Sharing in their possession. They were ready for their first task.

Goat wasted little time in giving it to them. They were to find out what happened to a little boy who had gone missing in the town of Crustakin Hold. While disappearances were all too common around the continent, this disappearance was strange and had several odd circumstances surrounding it. The Heroes of Kassadin were to head to the Hall of Doors and gain access to Crustakin Hold. Seeing no reason to leave the adventurers without her aid, and obviously worried after seeing them in combat at the Battle of the Botch, Dessi agreed to accompany them on this task.

With no reason to stay any longer, they all headed to the Hall of Doors. They presented their pass to the guards and mage in charge and, after a rather unsettling display of demon slaughter outside another door, they were allowed to enter a door to Crustakin Hold.

The group was now in the town of Crustakin Hold, traveling hundreds of miles in an instant through use of the door. Their return trip would have to be on foot, but for now they were only concerned with the whereabouts of the missing child. They met with the mayor who introduced them to one of the most beaten looking beings many of them had ever seen. His name was Telregar, a half-orc who had washed ashore a few years back. He had since lived in the town, providing muscle when and where it was needed. The group of adventurers asked the Mayor about the disappearance and learned that they suspected a Mimic was behind it. Handing over a vial of some sort of solvent, the group was sent on its way only stopping to question the missing boy’s best friend. Learning little of importance, they headed to the ancient castle on the sea cliffs where the child had gone missing.

Aware that they could very well be up against a Mimic, the group began their search cautiously and didn’t find much of anything until they had reached the second story in the keep. They noted one thing that didn’t fit in the keep. It was a door. Not something most would have paused at, but they had not come across any doors in the keep yet, until this one. To make things even stranger, this door appeared to be made of wood. Wood was not prevelant in any of the architecture they had noted to this point. Telregar had reinforced this by confirming that there were no major sources of wood anywhere near the small town.

Now on guard, the group decided to try their luck with the door. Telregar attempted to open it, only to be engulfed. It was a Mimic. The group struggled to free the half-orc from the door’s grip and managed to kill it shortly after using some of the solvent the mayor had given them back in town. But they had still not found the boy. A thorough search of the remaining rooms, and solving a riddle found in a mural of one, caused the group to stumble across a hidden ladder.

The ladder went well down into caverns that had to be close to, if not at the base of, the cliffs the castle was built on. The group descended cautiously, but still had some problems with the ladder when it abruptly ended 30 feet above the cavern floor. Using a grappling hook, they managed to get the rest of the way, with only a few members having problems. They continued to search the cavern and found that it there were two doorways at one end. One appeared to have fresh airflow, the other quite stale. After a quick search down the corridor with the stale air, the group proceeded down the other pathway. Not too far down into it, they were confronted with the biggest cricket they had ever seen.

It wasn’t friendly.

But the adventurers were well prepared, and the overgrown bug was quickly dispatched, becoming smears on the walls of the room it was once in. Moving on, the group came across a real challenge. One that would prove to be a near death experience for one member of the group.

The sea wench they found was very dangerous and very ugly. She was accompanied by a blue dog that was quite harmful as well. The adventures found their strength a bit zapped just by being in her presence and this made the ensuing battle quite a struggle.

The group managed to kill the sea wench but only after she and her dog had both attacked and knocked unconscious Velius. Dessi was quick to act and managed to save the rogue’s life while Tel’regar, Crim and Al’ev dispatched the dog and sea wench. But they weren’t done for just as the dog fell before Crim, a Zombie slammed into Crim from the side. The ninja was sent flying. Faced with this new adversary, Tel’regar and Al’ev attempted to hack it to pieces. Dessi continued to work on Velius who was still not in great shape, despite the fact he was no longer in danger of losing all of his blood. Meanwhile, Sindri, who had plenty of experience with dispatching the undead after The Crypt of the Eternal Flame pulled out his ace spell. The zombie was decimated by the magical attack, falling before Tel’regar, Crim or Al’ev could even take another swing with their blades. The room appearing to be cleared of adversaries, the group proceeded to search…




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