Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

The War Comes to Caori

Having gathered themselves for another trip through a portal, Sindri cast his spell and soon the heroes found themselves stepping out onto the ledge within the elven tree city of Caori. Had his aim been off by another couple feet, the heroes would have free fallen out of the portal for nearly a thousand feet to the forest floor.

The heroes made their way into the city, T’lemya and Sindri off to get Teyo’s gear appraised, Al’ev and Harry to find information on Tarrant, the guardsmen they had once again come for. The remainder of the group left for the Inn to recuperate from their recent adventures.

After some searching, T’lemya and Sindri found a man who was able to tell them a bit about the daggers and vest they had looted from Teyo. T’lemya found them to be quite advantages after it was displayed that the daggers could be transformed into a throwing chakram of some power. They left this man a small tip for his services in appraising the gear then moved on to try and find someone to tell what protective qualities the vest may have outside the mundane.

Meanwhile Al’ev and Harry had found a guard who turned out to have been recently promoted to captain. The man was quite proud of himself. But his boastful nature turned a bit more quiet when Al’ev mentioned they were searching for the vigilante Tarrant.

The guard told them that he was still at large even after several patrols had been sent after him. Tarrant had killed everyone sent after him as well as numerous bandits and thieves throughout the forests. Eventually the guard mentioned something that caught Al’ev’s attention, the guard captain said Tarrant seemed to have the eyes of a hawk. Al’ev knew elven vision to be quite good, he was blessed with that trait himself, but even hawk-like vision was not quite the way he’d describe it.

He asked if Tarrant ever had a hawk with him as he worked for the royal guard. The captain said after a pause that he had, and Al’ev realized that this was probably why Tarrant had never been captured before.

Taking this information with them, they headed to the inn for a few drinks and to listen in on gossip.

By this point Sindri and T’lemya had found a woman selling exquisite looking rune art, some of which had caught Sindri’s eye as they closely matched patterns found on the vest they had looted. They learned of the person who created the symbols and asked if they could speak with him. They were given directions into the residential area of Caori and soon found themselves speaking with Nesbith Furlow, the elf responsible for creating the runes.

Nesbith was able to decipher some of the glyphs on the vest and it was in this way that Sindri and T’lemya learned that it was quite a powerful vest. With this knowledge, T’lemya dawned the vest and the two adventurers returned to the inn.

By this point Al’ev and Harry had heard mention of several interesting goings on in the world. First was talk of the Guard Patrols going missing. There was talk of land for crops being at a premium. An elven man across the bar was talking about his time spent as a newt. There was talk of increased trade in Orleon. And most disturbing, there was talk of a murder spree taking place on the western side of the continent.

They took this information up to the room and shared what they learned with the others.

The following morning, Al’ev, Harry, Vellius, T’lemya and Sindri left Caori to begin hunting Tarrant. But they had gone no further than the base of the entry tree when a familiar sound caught Harry’s ears.


This was followed by screaming and the smell of burning wood. The heroes launched into action. Sindri casting fly on T’lemya and attaching himself to her. Al’ev casting fly on himself and taking off for the city in the trees.

Harry and Vellius began the long run back up to the city.

When T’lemya, Sindri and Al’ev arrived back in the market place, there was a red dragon, no more than a young adult, burning buildings down all around him. Dead elven guardsmen were scattered about and more were still in combat with it.

The heroes waded into combat with the beast. Sindri began launching spells and caught the attention of the dragon who then strafed the buildings that the halfling and tiefling were hiding in between. As it passed, T’lemya threw her new daggers, currently in the form of a chakram, at the dragon managing to find a soft spot in its scaled hide.

Fire engulfing his allies, Al’ev let loose a lightning bolt as the dragon passed by him, catching the creature in the side and then another seconds later proving just as effective.

But now he was the target, and before he could get out of the way, the dragon flew wobbly towards Al’ev and simply fell on top of him, grabbing him as it fell.

They landed in the middle of the market place, the guards rushing in and T’lemya doing the same. Sindri was nowhere to be seen.

Harry and Vellius joined in the fray at this point, the dwarf landing the finishing blow on the dragon. And with its dying screams, two more red dragons flew in strafing the area in flames. Several guardsmen were incinerated. Harry and Vellius caught some of the heat as well.

Al’ev was largely protected by the dead dragon’s body. Making his way from under the dragon, he emerged to find Harry, Vellius and T’lemya tearing into one of the two new dragons. The other dragon was occupied with what remained of the marketplace guard.

It was starting to become difficult to make out exact details of surroundings, but Al’ev thought he made out a line of civilians starting a bucket brigade to put out fires around the fringes of the fighting and the hiss of fire meeting with water from behind him told Al’ev that someone else was working on putting out fires there.

He jumped into combat with the next dragon and soon this creature was vanquished as well.

But as it fell, so too did the remaining guardsmen. The heroes turned to face the third dragon. Through the combined efforts of the heroes, including Sindri who had been putting out the fires, felled their third dragon.

And with this one’s dying words, it mocked the heroes saying that in a month, the red dragons would return to finish the job.

With fires raging around them, the heroes went to helping out where they could for the attack had ended…



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