Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

The Sign and A Heroic Charge

The heroes reconvened the following morning after a good rest. They set out upon the human capital, looking to improve their wares and were just finishing up when it finally happened.

The black dragon queen, Latifah, had told them almost a month previous that the sign would herald the beginning of the final battle. She had not mentioned the sign would be, but it was very obvious to all when the sky darkened and beams of green shot out from points all around the horizon along with two more from Sindri’s bag followed by an enormous pillar of light from one of the taller peaks of the Larian Mountains, that the time had come.

As though materializing with that thought, the Black Queen appeared and informed the heroes that the Red Dragon flight’s ritual had started and the armies were marching upon one another. Their task was to end the ritual before it could be completed.

She then vanished, leaving them with little more than two options. They could beginning their final stint of the journey in to the South, near Kassadin or to the North in Sindri’s home town of Zamosc.

After a quick discussion they Prepared themselves, and a portal was created to Sindri’s home in Zamosc. One by one they transitioned instantaneously through the dimensions and found themselves well to the North of where they had been in a small building that was Sindri’s house.

The air was much cooler here than it was in Varalon, even indoors…

But such observations barely registered to Al’ev. His mind was realizing just what was happening. This was a day he had been born for. One his entire life’s experience had prepared him for. He had his doubts about how successful he would be. But when Neo, T’lemya, Sindri, Harry, Leon, Caramel, Blasphemy, Desira and Duke stepped out of the portal behind him and made their way towards where he could already hear the sounds of blade upon blade and the roars of flames and dragon, he grew much more confident. Together he knew they could achieve the impossible.

Now all they had to do is figure out what the next step was.

Looking for someone in charge, they spotted Sindri’s mother who seemed to be directing some of the forces in the immediate area from atop a molebear. They gained her attention and learned that she had little idea what specifically they were to do. But she was able to inform them a bit of what they faced.

But the heroes could have ascertained that by simply looking off towards the Larian Mountains to the East. Already grand armies were battling to the death a short distance away. The armies of the red dragon flight appeared nearly limitless. Orcs, Ogres, undead dwarves and several other creatures formed much of their ranks. In the skies Red and White scaled dragons struggled for dominance over their blue and black brethren, occasionally one side or the other would gain an advantage and either tear one another from the darkened midday sky or take a chance and strafe the armies below with their mighty breath.

The mounted halfling woman informed them that they were plow through the battlefield with the help of a detachment of Halflings armed only with shields. Their job was to keep the enemy army away from the heroes as they raced through the battle as quickly as they could. The detachment formed a protective barrier around the adventurers and, only stopping to bid Sindri’s mother good luck, they moved towards the front line as one.

As they approached the lines, Al’ev could feel almost feel the emotions pouring from his companions. Fear, determination, bravery, disgust, sorrow, blood lust. It was all there. He doubted any had experience something like this before so it was to be expected.

Drawing his weapon he prepared to charge behind their mobile shield group and hesitated when one of the ebon dragons dropped from the sky to decimate all in the path directly ahead of them with its mighty breath. That is when the shield group moved, and with it the heroes did as well.

Remarkably, the Halflings seemed old hands at this kind of combat. Nothing was making it through their protective half ring barrier and they were moving quick enough that the enemy was having trouble keeping up with them all. Similarly, the blue and black dragons did their best to keep the red and white dragons from dropping down onto the heroes, proving highly successful.

The terrain, however, seemed to prove somewhat difficult to traverse to the heroes. Several times the group found itself starting to spread out a bit and nearly falling victim to the enemies at their backs.

But thanks to their determination and to Al’ev’s surprise, their cohesion, they all were able to make it most of the way through the enemy lines, even managing to scramble over the body of an enormous black dragon that had crashed down into their path.

Then an enormous Ogre crashed into their shieldlings, flattening some, throwing others into groups of nearby enemies and placing itself into the adventurer’s path.

However Al’ev did not even hesitate to draw blood with his readied sword, connecting with a pair of flawless strikes.

Harry, following close behind Al’ev, finished what the Half-Dragon started and dropped the enormous creature so fast that the others did not even have to slow down.

But their actions had cost the two of them precious time and they both almost fell victim to the approaching enemies. Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes managed to reach the far end of the battlefield where several horses stood tied to a post, waiting for riders.

Eventually Harry and Al’ev caught up and the heroes continued forward into the disturbingly quiet forests of the Larian mountains.

They traveled for several hours on horseback before finally reaching the base of the mountain which seemed to house the source of the beam of light shooting into the sky. At the base of the mountain sat a host of Orcs who sat in what appeared to be a temporary camp.

The Red Dragonflight had left the heroes with one heck of an obstacle to clear before entering their lair just beyond…



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