Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

The Journey North

The heroes continued North in the hopes of aiding Sindri against whatever it was that was ailing the small halfling’s body. His condition continued to be dire and there was very little they could do but press on.

On the first day within the borders of Markstal they stumbled into their first predicament. Caramel was the first to notice it. The strange noises usually associated with a being breaking wind faintly coming from ahead of them. Then, as she pointed it out to rest of the heroes, from behind them.

She knew that there was one creature within these parts that would make such a noise, the barking spiders of the North. Upon saying this, several alarms tripped were tripped off in Harry and Al’ev‘s minds. These spiders often liked to have their prey fall into traps they created in the ground, much like trap doors seen in many simple dungeons across the land. They shared this knowledge and it wasn’t long before T’lemya began pointing out various spots in the surrounding meadow where she knew there were traps.

That’s when the spiders first attacked. The heroes were ready though. Their combined knowledge of this enemy kept them on light on their feet and it was just what was called for as the first of the spiders tried to grab one of the heroes bursting out of the ground. The fight was very defensive for quite a while, the heroes nimbly avoiding assaults until finally one of the spiders managed to catch Harry.

They were ready for this, however, and several heroes unleashed their might on the giant arachnid before it could do any serious harm to Harry. It wasn’t long before it was a splat upon the dwarve’s armor and they were looking for their next adversary.

Another burst out of the ground trying to grab at Caramel, but she unleashed a particularly strong note from her air guitar just as it did and blew off two of its legs, stunning the creature which was now prone. The heroes wasted no time in falling upon this enemy and another spider was vanquished.

Yet another spider was destroyed with a rather accurate throw of daggers from T’lemya, saving Crim from being eaten as this bug had managed to get a hold of the ninja.

The last two spiders died underground from a combination of stabs, poisoning and several strong curse words befalling them.

Finally finishing the fight, they became aware of a familiar clanging noise approaching them from the south. Their friend Neo had finally managed to catch up with them after separating from the group shortly after the incident at the logging camp.

Staying oddly silent and not saying much, the group continued North, eventually falling upon a small trading post that was not on any map. They stopped one of the local halflings, an older man with a cane, and managed to find out a little about Sinri’s family, the Stribogs.

When the flow of information began to slow to a trickle, Crim rushed forward and, for some reason unknown to the heroes, picked the older man up. This was instantly construed as an assault and the elderly halfling began bashing Crim with his diminutive cane, shouting about bandits trying to rob him. Crim set him down and he rushed off, continuing to shout about bandits and the heroes spared no more time in continuing North.

After another day’s travel, they managed to reach the capital city of Basque. After agreeing to meet up at the local Mick Taverns, they separated into several groups each looking into different matters.

Harry, Neo, and Desira sought after the Stribog home, hoping to find Sindri’s family or anyone who might be able to aid them.

Al’ev, Velius, and Crim decided to look into a building that had a very familiar symbol upon the door. A crate, with two daggers crossed. This symbol was the same they found on the bandits in the elven forest and in the cave where they were all blown to pieces.

What information they would share when they all gathered back up was sure to be enlightening, if all went well…



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