Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

The Dragon's Feast and the Ancient Library

Introducing the Great Sylvan Mystery

(outline, in progress)

The adventurers woke from oblivion with bad headaches, nausea, and a sour taste in their mouths, which soon seemed minor problems once they became aware that were tied to stakes, in range of a sacrificial altar, and watching a village full of people prepare a large feast.

……….(Attempted escapes & rescues; big Green Dragon lands and a truce is called)……………

What followed was dinner, music, and conversation, but the most decidedly uncomfortable version of it Desira had encountered since accidentally double-booking two rival nobles for entertainment during the winter solstice.

In tonight’s case, the “dinner” included their drowned ship captain’s prepared flesh, the music was performed by a besotted Caramel and an anxious Desira, and the conversation consisted of attempts to persuade a hungry and slightly riled dragon that it should become the adventurers’ ally, rather than eat them. Despite several hiccoughs–-including Velius’s banishment and Harrison’s captain-meat becoming suddenly, mysteriously spoiled after he declared it “great” and “crunchy”–-everything went fairly well. The Green Dragon even did them the courtesy of warning them that he was letting the Red Dragons onto the island, giving the adventurers time to sprint away from the feast to hide in an ancient library nearby and search for “lost knowledge.”

………..(Investigation of the Library of the Phoenix; discoveries made concerning the Sylvan people)……………


Characters Met:
-the headman of the village (dressed in hide armor and a skeleton)
-a very, very old shaman or priest (likes smoke, chanting, magic)
-a green, shoulder-pet-sized, pseudo-dragon (attracted to singing)
-a somewhat-tolerant, large Green Dragon (serving his turn protecting the island)
-an ancient ghostly hologram (library resource, last of the Sylvan people)

Revelations & Things to Note:
In the Village…
—The old man hides the village from the T-Rexes using an illusion.
—Tony the sailor will live a little longer, as he was temporarily freed from sacrificial lamb status.
—The old man uses symbols similar to those worshiping Bahamut, but not quite the same.
—The village’s dinner bell has “Mist Walker” written in Elven on it.
—The villagers habitually bow to the Green Dragon and feed it supper.
—Some Green Dragons must be linguistically talented.
—There is only one Green Dragon per island, and there is a chain of barrier islands. The dragons trade posts, and are protecting the main continent from the “outsiders” on another continent.
—The giant storm is part of the island’s defenses.
—The adventurers are supposedly “honored guests” because they get to partake of the night’s special: dead captain. See, the villagers believe eating the flesh of the dead will grant you resistance against that which killed them. In this case, they were offering protection against drowning.
—The Green Dragons’ emissary was turned away from Trinity.
—”Much knowledge has been lost.”
—Caramel is fascinated by dragons, and can woo pseudo-dragons away from mean old men.
—The Green Dragon thinks he can use the adventurers as a bargaining chip against the Reds, in the event the other dragons grow unfriendly.

At the Library…
—Sindri rejoins the group at the pyramidal library, but Velius stays outside.
—There are such things as tiny raptors.
—Lucky, the ship’s cook, can do a lot more than cook, as he’s also apparently the ship’s witch. His recently-acquired parrot can attack, too.
—On a list of ingredients scratched into a wall, (in the research area of the library), “bone” is circled.
—Sindri’s note to the Guild still hasn’t been retrieved from the Bag of Sharing.
—The library’s books and artifacts are mostly dust, but there’s a crystalline orb that still functions. It glows, activates other lights in the room, and pops up a ghostly, elven-looking man. The man speaks Sylvan, and can answer questions. He is, in fact, the last of his Sylvan people, who were on the continent long before the other races (and are now extinct).
—The library is called the Library of the Phoenix, and the Sylvan people were researching here, looking for a way to save themselves.
—The Sylvan people:
……made the dragons, and tasked the Green Dragons with protecting the continent.
……were wiped from the planet after “in their arrogance, they tried to enslave the gods.”
……created the gates (portals), one in each major city.
—Plants can kill people.
—There’s a portal in the librarian’s quarters, which is protected by a spoken password. (Password is still unknown, as Sindri magically knocked on the door, instead.)
—A Sylvan map displays different names for some places. Trinity is “Center City,” in the desert is “Wind City.” The island is called “Last Resort,” and on a northern island above the halflings’ land is “Ice City.” Fire and Earth are in the mountains.
—Some Sylvan murals depict the history of their civilization, from early primitive days, to when the gods are wreaking havoc. There is a glowing baby, having something to do with bones…
—Speaking to the portal in Sylvan seems to help cast the spell to activate it. Sindri is able to open a portal to Trinity with “Center City.”
—Harrison goes through the portal and ends up in the sewers, separated from the group.
—Sindri acquires some Goggles of True Sight, and Crim, the Boots of Spiderstep.





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