Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

The Battle for Crustakin Hold

Standing over the corpses of two Sahuagin and the unconcious form of the fallen Crim, the adventurers stood in the Crustakin Hold branch of McTaverns.

Garyuu Reddaile decided to use his last remaining healing potion on Crim in an attempt to get him standing again. It was likely the group would have more conflict shortly, especially if the screaming and sounds of battle outside were any indication.

Al’ev “Olive” Reldin in the mean time, took a look out the window of their second story room and was able to see little in the distance because of the numerous fires billowing smoke into the dark, early morning sky. He saw a few pockets of resistance here and there, but the Sahuagin were clearly going to win this battle. The town was overrun. Spotting a group of soldiers just outside the tavern’s entrance he informed the others he planned to help the guards. The group, including a now concious Crim, stepped out of the room and into the hall leaving an extremely ugly looking Sea Hag Hooker and a strangely attractive panda behind.

Turning left, they spotted another pair of Sahuagin who’s backs were turned to them. Al’ev, having lived through the devastation of Halar, was furious at these beings who would attack such a quiet little town. He and Garyuu charged. The pair leveled one of the two Sahuagin before it even knew what hit it. Meanwhile, Sindri Stribog and Crim began combat with the second Sahuagin. It didn’t last very long. The Sahuagin dropped, a little more cold and riddled with bloody holes.

Seeing no further adversaries and aware that the town guard would likely be overwhelmed soon, the group rushed down to the exit….straight into a large cluster of guards and enemies. The heroes were well awake by this point however, and Garyuu charged in, singling out an enemy and promptly pummeling him with his fists. Following Garyuu’s lunge into battle, Al’ev cleaved the same enemy in two. Crim, too, was well awake by this point and felled an opponent as well. The battle deteriorated into a mess of blades, rays of frost, and tridents. They were just beginning to see the end of combat when another group of Sahuagin enemies appeared to reinforce the few left standing from the original group. This group didn’t last long either under the combined might of the heroes and the few remaining town guard.

One guard in particular was quite fierce, often taking on multiple Sahuagin with a small sneer upon his face. His combat prowess was obviously one of the reasons this man had been promoted to guard captain. The heroes would later learn that this was the fabled Captain Morgan of Crustakin Hold, one of the most respected men on the battlefield, especially if that battlefield happened to be a tavern.

The combined group of adventurers and guards saw the main Sahuagin body retreating back to the sea, many with towns people kicking and screaming being dragged along. Captain Morgan was determined to help his people somehow. But despite the combined might of their group, there was very little chance of successfully rescuing even one of the townsfolk as the Sahuagin rear guard alone looked to number well into the thirties. They all elected to follow the retreat in an attempt to discover where the people were being taken.

Eventually they arrived at the docks where it appeared several of the Sahuagin were using some kind of rods, likely wands, to put to sleep the villagers and then encase them in bubbles. The townsfolk were then cast into the sea. It was apparent that a rescue was becoming less and less likely. They were just coming to this conclusion when another clammer caught their ears. Another skirmish sounded like it had broken out in the area of a large boat docked just down the docks a little ways. Hoping to do at least a little good, the group ran to the boat where they found four Sahuagin trying to get into the ship’s captain’s quarters.

Once again quick to act, Garyuu charged up the gangway and introduced another of the fishmen to his fists. Crim, taking Garyuu’s lead, also charged up the gangway and aquanted another of the fishmen with his katana, vanquishing his foe. Al’ev ran up after the both of them and added his blade to the fray, dropping Garyuu’s foe. Sindri started letting loose with more rays of frost from the docks. The guards attempted to shoot the fishmen with their crossbows and failed to hit much beyond the boat. Captain Morgan, disgusted with his men, charged into the fray and demolished another of the Sahuagin with ease. The remaining Sahuagin was also quickly dispatched as were another pair who attempted to ambush Sindri and Garyuu back on the docks a few minutes later.

Spotting two sticks floating in the water a ways out, Sindri and Al’ev took a small dingy out to retrieve the items. When they picked up the sticks, Al’ev and Sindri both were able to resist spells the sticks had in them. Using what they knew about the magics of the world, Sindri was able to determine his stick was used to cast a bubble. Al’ev’s had a sleep spell in it. These were the same items the Sahuagin had used on the townspeople. Al’ev noted that it seemed as though there were husks of souls imprisoned within the wands. He could only guess as to why this was, but imprisoned souls were usually the result of evil magics. Magics he was determined to never use. The group decided to update Goat and sent him the sleep wand with all the information the pair had discovered on it and what had happened in Crustakin Hold.

When it appeared that there was nothing else left to do, the group headed back to the inn where they met up with the Captain of the ship, his crew, and Captain Morgan and his men. The group was in the middle of planning a rescue mission.

The adventurers, with hope on some of their minds and reward on others, were anxious to assist. Some of them made use of some health potions the Guards had salvaged from the wreckage of the apothecary. While they were doing this, the guards laid out their plan. The group discussed how best to act on this plan and though about its strengths and weaknesses.

Nodding after a little more discussion, Al’ev began heading back to the ship, carefully thinking about the plan to rescue the towns folk. This would NOT turn out to be another Halar. Not while he and his friends were still standing. He was hopeful that the rest of his friends would be following soon. The townfolk would likely only be getting more difficult to rescue the longer they waited…



The Battle for Crustakin Hold

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