Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

Sparklies! Actually, the worst bath ever

In just a moment, yes, wait for it, there, the last star blinked out of existence as it was overwritten by the light of dawn, and the star of our story is ready to start this segment of the epic journey. …Except the space where she is suppose to be standing, posing dramatically, is empty. Where is our star… Oh great, she’s over at the stall drooling over the jewelry. One moment please.

It wasn’t very impressive. A boat about 60ft in length, and who cares about the other proportions because it was very boring looking regardless. And this is what she was supposed to spend an unknown number of days in? A glinting light caught her attention and she swiveled her head over to stare happily at the newest “sparkly” that had entered her vicinity.

Unfortunately, it was a temporary “sparkly” created by light shining off of the armor of one of the two figures heading their way. It would seem that Neo and Harry were done with whatever they felt was more important than saving her wonderful ass, not that they knew what had happened that night. Or would know to plan for it.

Now that the group had assembled, well, most of it (Al’ev seemed to be oddly missing, there would be no trying to mate him to a green dragon this trip), the captain, Captain Crunch, addressed them sternly. “Now, do any of you have any experience with boats?” To which Sindri threw his hand up excitedly, and jumped a little to make sure the captain noticed his enthusiasm. The captain looked down, seemed a little disappointed, and asked the Halfling, “How much experience do you have?”

“I come from a long line of people who are fishermen. Some of our people were born on the water. “ Sindri held his head higher than a nobleman.

“Okay, okay. Anyone else?”

The group looked at him blankly. Neo piped up. “I have no experience, but if you need strength, I can be told what to do.”

He sighed. “Very well, you two may be called on when the time comes. In the meantime, I want everyone to stay out of the way when something important is going on. You are welcome to stay on deck when it’s calm, but as soon as needed, I want anyone who can’t help to go below.”

All nodding, they boarded. They were in for a long week, a very long and uneventful week. Caramel contemplated giving Crim a make-over while in his sleep, but then realized the effort would be moot since he was just as skilled in the disguise arts, if not more. Who was better with female face art paint, her or he, was debatable.

During the second week, however, a few of the gang who were on board noticed a storm was brewing off in the distance. They then were able to find out that the storm was a giant wall that gave off magic. Knowing the rules for being on board, all of the party on deck but Sindri and Neo headed below to stay out of the way. Being the only two of the group left, they were also the only two to see several adult red dragons heading towards them. Sindri called out, “Heeey, we don’t have Al’ev with us! He stayed behind!” but they were too far off in the distance to hear, whether that was even their intent or not.

“Your island will be through that storm there,” the captain told them as he pointed to the wall of wind and lightning.

The two made the decision to tell the captain to head into the storm.

All unknown to our star, Caramel, she noticed that one of the crewman took up position with a pump. Figuring that this would be a decent use of her time, till she figured out what better to do, and also very intrigued by the pump’s mechanics, she took up position to one as well. One of her group took the third one, but she barely cared enough to take notice as to whom. She did, however, notice Crim making his way to the stairs, sneaky-like, but shrugged it off because Crim was just like that.

Unknown to our star, and all but Sindri, one passenger who went by the name of Count Chocula, had strapped himself in and once the storm hit them, sung valiantly and strong. Meanwhile, Crim went invisible and snuck up the stairs. No one knew, but he had decided to break into the captain’s quarters while the havoc was occurring, and rummage through his stuff.

Lightning struck and the captain went down. Being the closest person, Neo ran over and grabbed the wheel to fight to keep the boat on course. At the fore where Sindri worked to help the boat, a light was blown out, plunging the boat into darkness there. This allowed a wind elemental to sweep in and knock the crewman overboard. This wind elemental, being bratty whether it would know it was being or not, bounced back and forth between Sindri and Neo, trying to slam the life out of them.

Caramel, having not had much to do with the pump, and not knowing what was going on upstairs, was feeling bored, gross, and more than a bit sea sick. Open waters weren’t exactly her thing. There was a reason she had never been on a boat before in her life. But whatever the party wanted, since she was indebted to them for their courage to save her, she would do.

It was a good time for the leak to spring and throw a gushing wave of water amongst them. Unfortunately, something she and others didn’t know, a water elemental had snuck in and was beginning to form.

Rogue waves laughed as they hit the ship and caused those above to be knocked to the ground. Lightning, in a blinding daze, struck the courageous Count Chocula, and his songs that had been helping guide the ship and steady those who heard its adrenaline pumping tunes, stopped immediately. As Frank N Berry moved to retrieve the captain and return him to his quarters, unknown by all that was being violated by a Crim, he was struck by lightning also and went down.

Another leak sprung downstairs. Knowing a good bit of engineering, Caramel ran to grab a board and repaired the leak so well that she doubted that another would occur in that spot again. Despite her best effort to be quick, however, another water elemental had snuck in. By this point, the party below could see evidence of the first one.

Not too far above their heads, Crim had managed to pocket a pouch that jingled, and proceeded to leave the captain’s quarters. Only to be beat up by a lot of waves trying to take the boat down. Despite that, he was lucky. Lightning struck the mast down in a violent act and it landed mere inches from Crim’s prone body. Not so lucky, Sindri who was lashed to the railing, which was attached to riggings that also were lashed to that very same mast, was thrown over and was reduced to clinging on the side of a heavily listing boat.

Feeling the boat be thrown horribly sideways, Caramel felt a chill of terror go down her spine. What was happening to her friends on deck? What if they weren’t even alive? Talking to Desira quickly and obtaining a resistance buff, she ran to make it up the stairs and onto the deck, doing flips, skips, and jumps to keep speed as the boat rocked back and forth beneath her. Working steadily upwards, she found Sindri clinging to the side, heavily injured. She worked to heal him as best as she could under the circumstances then also helped him to get back over the side.

The wind elemental, perhaps sensing new prey, began to pummel on that end. Pissed off, Caramel screamed at it something fierce, damaging it a small bit.

Desira, being just as concerned about the tilting of the boat, made her way out to find Crim trying to hack the mast off with an axe.

The poor boat, taking on more water by the moment, was no longer making any headway, tilted as it was. Neo fought water and wind to keep lamps lit, and tried desperately to keep the wheel from spinning wildly, but it was beyond anyone’s grasp at this point. It was evident that the boat was not going to make it. Those not below, threw themselves over and tried to swim away, hoping that those below would escape alright. Desira, trying to keep sight of everyone to keep them alive with channeling heals, cast fly on herself to hover near the sinking wreckage.

Meanwhile below deck, the two water elementals were taken care of by the seemingly blood thirsty inquisitor, Eremes, Harry and his new badger, and Velius. They too realized the boat was not long for the world, and made to escape. Eremes made it fine, being close to the stairs, but the other two had to fight strong waters gushing in to fill what little air they had.

Sindri, realizing that people were going to have difficulty swimming in this mess, despite the storm calming down, called forth his hovering disk and encouraged everyone to grab on so that they could just float in the water. Crim, two crew members, and soon a Harry and Velius who had made it out, made to do so, with Desira hovering nearby.

There was still a problem. Looking around, Eremes noticed that Caramel never surfaced from when she went overboard. She was lucky that he had made it to the deck just in time to see her go over. So instead of heading to the disk, he dived in an attempt to find her. Sure enough, she was below the water, fighting in vain with the waters to surface. He made it to her, and fought hard to win against the current so that he could grab a hold and drag her to the surface. It took more than one try, but he refused to resurface till he had her. Gasping for air, and the bard panicking slightly, they got to the disk.

Like this, the party eventually beached on the island they had fought so hard to reach, wondering if it was worth it after all that. The island was ringed by white sand and a dense coating of tropical forests covered the rest. It looked like a tropical paradise. They gathered their senses and had only begun to talk of setting up camp and resting after the ordeal had when the bushes shook violently near them. What sort of death awaits them now?


When trying to link to this wiki entry, I discovered that periods in the title cause the link to fail! O.O So this edit was to remove the period. (Also changed “A’lev” to “Al’ev.”)




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