Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

Little John's Demise


With Sindri mostly himself and back in the land of the living, the heroes had finally regained their full strength. For the first time in months the heroes finally felt things were beginning to look up again. Lamashtu’s Gullet, an evil sword that had been a conduit for the goddess of Chaos herself, had been destroyed through their efforts.

If Neo’s armor was any indication, the gods had clearly taken notice of their efforts. Crim had been finally laid to rest. Though Sindri seemed to have eyes that were no longer his own, all who remained were all together again.

Of course, when the guards came calling, pounding on the large double doors at the entrance of the church the heroes sat in, and shouted that they were searching for a reported red half-dragon, Al’ev knew things were not quite as perfect as they felt just a few moments previous.

Realizing the danger nearly immediately, several of the heroes began searching for the unconscious and heavily wounded Zell while a few of those remaining tried to stall the guards who seemed very convinced that the makeshift hospital was harboring enemies of all the races.

After some time, Sindri found Zell and decided to port him to his home town of Zamosc, hoping the half dead half-dragon would be safer there. He was followed by several of his companions, including Neo who ended up taking a tumble through the wooden floor of the building they found themselves in. Sindri confirmed it was his old house.

Meanwhile, back at the church, Al’ev sensed the portal form and knew that the others had located his half brother before he was able to and had whisked him away to supposed safety. What he was not sure of was if the guards had given up.

He found it was quite the opposite. They were now dead set on entering the church and making it no secret that if they found a half-dragon enemy among those who were injured, there would be very negative consequences for those who were only trying to help.

The magus recognized that finding him would mean just as much trouble as the guards finding nothing. So he decided to make himself bait. Using his spells, he gave himself the ability to fly and to do so invisibly. Floating up to the glass window high above the entrance to the church, he confirmed that there were more town guardsmen waiting outside, likely backed by magic users. Taking a deep breath he made himself visible and broke through the window to gather the attention of those below. Pausing only for a moment to allow the moonlight to catch his scales, he flew off into the night as the city guard began to hunt him fervently.

He knew he was safe when he landed in one of the numerous trees outside the metropolis walls so he decided that then was a good chance to rest and wait for the others to return.

Back in Zamosc, Sindri had found his mother and took some time to explain why there was a half dead being laying on her floor. Together, they were able to help Zell to consciousness. After a few groggy moments, a roar from outside informed the crimson half-dragon that there was something going on outside.

That something, Neo would later confirm, was the entirety of the Black and Blue dragon flights as well as a host of what dragons referred to as “the lesser races” doing combat drills in preparation for the looming conflict with the Red Dragon Army.

Zell was not comfortable being so close to those who would no doubt consider him an enemy, but he had little choice other than to remain where he was so he could continue his recovery. When he finally settled down, and Sindri’s mother had been warned of Zell’s lude tenancies, the heroes returned to the church in Trinity. From there they all eventually reunited outside the city’s walls.

Telling the others of his intentions to head to Varalon in an effort to discover Little John’s fate, they all left for the human capital via portal.

Sindri, having a mind like his, could only aim the portal one place. Fronties. The strip club that acted as a front for Little John’s underground activities.

But the heroes quickly learned that not all was as it had once been. It was discovered that Little John’s base of operations had suffered an attack by a single individual. Everyone they talked to, including the establishment’s new owner claimed that Little John had died.

But Al’ev, like many of the others he suspected, was not buying it. The story sounded too convenient and the supposed attack far too restrained to be the work of someone under the control of a chaotic goddess like Lamashtu. He shared his thoughts with everyone and it was agreed that the situation bore investigating.

The heroes separated into a few groups, scouring Varalon for information that may lead them to what had really happened.

Eventually they found all they needed when they located a few of John’s old rivals in the poorer part of the human town. These individuals informed the heroes that almost immediately after Little John’s supposed demise, a new player had emerged in the Varalon underground. This one went by the name of Big Tom.

Information brought to them by more members of their party confirmed that John’s death was probably faked.

Al’ev barely suppressed a smirk. It might have fooled Crim a long time ago, but Lamshtu should not have been fooled. Perhaps there was more to this story. The answers would lay with John’s replacement, Big Tom.

So following T’lemya’s lead, the heroes spent a while attempting to contact Big Tom. Once they crossed into what was considered “Big Tom’s territory” they received a prompt warning to leave or face the consequences.

T’lemya’s return message must have been as pointed as it was effective, for when the heroes were told where to meet the new underground lord, they were told that T’lemya was to do so alone.

But Neo and Al’ev would have none of that. They resolved to escort the young Tiefling to the meeting location that night.

The location turned out to be in the rich part of the human capital, where large plots of land had enormous mansions sitting upon them. The information they had been given told T’lemya to enter a shed like structure off to the side of one of these mansions which stood behind the land’s well defined limits.

After they confirmed that it was not an immediate trap, they decided it was okay for T’lemya to continue alone.

Sneaking forward, she soon found herself at the entrance of the shed. She must have been excited to see this “Big Tom” for she forgot to inspect the door for traps before opening it. Had her reflexes not been so honed after all she had experienced the past few months, she might have been caught in the first of what turned out to be a short gantlet of traps.

As it was she danced around this contraption and managed to avoid others as she found her way down into the basement of this otherwise unassuming shed.

There she sat and met with Big Tom.

It was several long minutes before Al’ev and Neo saw her emerge from inside the shed. When she did, she was followed by someone who they did not immediately recognize. But Al’ev could tell by the way T’lemya tried to smack the man, and by how quickly the man blocked the smack, that she had found who they had come to find.

Despite the strange sensation of a complete lack of magic in the area surrounding “Big Tom”, Al’ev was happy.

John was alive and that was good enough….for now.



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