Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

Journey to the Crypt

“It should be a quick journey, no more than a few days.”

That’s what the Mayor of Kassadin had told the adventurers upon giving them their equipment and map fragments. The journey was supposed to be simple. Obtain the flame within a Crypt 40 miles or so outside the town.

It wasn’t simple.

Practically just outside the village, things turned interesting for the adventurers when they were jumped by 3 ugly orcs. The party was quick to react, quickly vanquishing their foes. However, much to their surprise they found these ogres to be nothing more than images. Unable to find who or what conjured these images, the party moved further along the pathway.

On their first night at camp, the group was happened upon by a trio of wolves. The wolves managed to catch two of the adventurers half asleep. The adventurers quickly turned the battle in their favor, unceremoniously decimating the wild K9s. After finishing their foes off the group continued to trade watch until daybreak when they pulled up camp and continued forth once more.

It was on the second day they discovered a corpse near the a lake. A corpse with some rather large chunks of flesh missing. It appeared that it had been there for quite some time. The adventurers checked the body, discovered a modest amount of gold pieces as well as a master craft shortsword that was handed to the rogue in the group.

The party then moved back to the path and headlong into a wicked downpour. Hoping to outlast the weather they found what little shelter the forested area could provide and spent a few hours resting. When it became apparent that the storm wasn’t letting up, they continued along the path and quickly found the entrance to the Crypt where the flame was supposedly to be found. The group had to traverse an extremely steep slope to make it down to the entrance. Most did so with little problem. One, however, managed to take out a tree along the way before making it to the bottom, a large red mark on his face where the tree had met it.

Things quickly turned gruesome when the adventuring group found several dead horses with bones scattered about just in front of the entrance. Pretty fresh kills, the group was wary and decided to look for some clues as to what may have happened. Strangely enough, the horses had pillows, some adventurers suspected of the evil sort, stashed in their saddle bags as well as some blunted arrows and other miscellaneous items. With nothing else to go on, the group decided it was time to brave the crypt.



Journey to the Crypt

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