Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

Concern for a Friend

The heroes left Varalon hours after their court case ended. Several had split off to take care of a few things in town and nearby. Caramel and the alchemist, Blasphemy, decided to seek medicinal help after she consumed the strange concoction in the jail cell.

Desira and Sindri Stribog went back to the goblins and managed to convince them to move into the dwarven city under the mountains.

T’lemya was pulled aside by Al’ev for a lengthy chat away from prying ears.

The adventurers reconvened and immediately set out for the elven capital of Caori. About five days into their journey, they were rejoined by Caramel and Blasphemy, much to the relief of many. They didn’t much care for the idea of leaving her unguarded when they all knew who was hunting her.

They spent another night off to the side of the road in a nice looking meadow. A few hours into the night, they were surrounded by bandits who demanded they hand over all of their gear and gold.

Crim, never one to negotiate first, charged the bandit leader before the heroes had all roused themselves from their slumber. Those who were awake had enough time to prepare themselves when several halflings charged from hidden areas among the grassy meadow. Combat ensued. The bandits turned out to be very capable of dodging many of the spells and splash effect attacks at the adventurers disposal. They switched to focusing on one target at a time.

Then the bandits converged upon Caramel before she had even been able to stand and landed several nasty stabs. Those who saw this panicked for several reasons. Not the least of which the charismatic woman could end the world if she were damaged enough. Al’ev decided to get her out of range of the little daggers. He flew over to her and took her into the air. From there the understandably ticked off bard began cursing towards the halflings with words Al’ev had never heard before. They were full of spite and anger to such an extent that he nearly dropped her. These words physically damaged several of their attacks, actually pounding a couple into the ground as the battle slowly shifted in their favor.

Sindri soon joined Al’ev and Caramel in the air after taking a beating. He too was understandably upset and proceeded to rain down fire from the sky. Al’ev did what he could, but his hands were full as he watched Velius, Crim, T’lemya, Harry, Blasphemy and Harry’s badger tear into the remaining enemies. They were victorious after several more seconds, but it had been a hard fought battle.

Desira woke up from a very deep sleep at this point, Al’ev offhandedly wondering if the Great Dreamer herself had a hand in keeping her in that state. She immediately got to work on healing her companions. The adventurers were all able to pass the rest of the night with no further problems.

The following day found them at the trees which marked the entrance to Caori. Al’ev seemed to obtain a bit of a bounce in his step as they made their way up into the trees. He told the others he had something he needed to take care of and would meet them back at the Micky T’s in the next couple hours. Several of the heroes split of to take care of other things, notably Sindri to the bar, Blasphemy to make some money mixing potions, and Caramel to make some money off of her bardic skills. This left only Desira and Harry to try and gather information on the bandits of the forest whom they were supposed to be taking care of, per Groatal‘s request, for T’lemya and Crim had begun to trail Al’ev and Velius had disappeared elsewhere.

The pair had a rough time of it as neither could speak the flowery elven tongue. Only Harry was allowed to proceed into the palace where they were supposed to find their contact as the guards noted his connection to nature. They refused entry to Desira who then returned to the bar Sindri had gone to.

Harry found their contact and was able to get some very interesting information from the man. It turned out that the heroes had not been summoned to deal with bandits, but rather to deal with one who hunted them.

The heroes would later gather more information on this man, whose name was Tarrant. He had been a guard of the royal family and a very powerful one. They were informed that he was said to be extremely skilled with a bow and they learned of his preferred tactics. The reason why they were to go after him was because of some complications with magic. It wasn’t unheard of when one who used magic would go insane to some extent. Norm, who had lived in Crustakin Hold, had been one such person. His had been a lesser case of insanity. The man they were after had what sounded to be a more severe case.

All the while the heroes were finding this information out, Sindri had gone into another of his shaking fits, though this one seemed to be worse than they had been over the last month. The heroes stopped their talk of going after Tarrant when Sindri’s problems steadily grew worse. Their concern got the better of most of them and they decided to venture north into Markstal in the hopes of finding him some help, for not one among them knew exactly what was happening.

They set out immediately, Sindri’s condition growing worse the further north they went. Past Halar and across the Quellion border where they were forced to stop.

Sindri had passed out cold, and as they attempted to revive him, sudden transformations began to take place within his body. The heroes were forced to back away when his body became that of a juvenile silver scaled dragon.

Upon seeing this, understanding became more evident. Though Al’ev couldn’t recall mention of a Silver dragon flight anywhere, it was obvious there was one now.. Sindri’s power had been a major mystery to the magus. He had guessed that perhaps there was dragon blood flowing somewhere along the lines of his family. But he would never have guessed which flight.

Eventually Sindri regained his original form, and managed to utter a single line before passing out.


The heroes were puzzling this out when they were approached by a mysterious looking man in flowing white robes. His eyes were of cool blue ice and they seemed to bore into their minds as he determined they were friends of Sindri.

He told them that the halfling’s transformation had begun and that they must go to an island in the North. An island of ice.

Before they could ask him anything, the man vanished, leaving them to decide their next course of action.

It wasn’t difficult. Sindri looked to be in some danger. Al’ev knew what the halfling was going through to some extent, but the effects were far more drastic physically than they were for himself only weeks earlier.

Their course of action was clear. They had to keep moving North. What they would do after that though, was unknown.

“I hate the cold.” Al’ev said as he picked up Sindri and started walking North.

The heroes began moving once more, determined to get their companion back to his healthy self.



Concern for a Friend

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