Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War


Just when they thought they had smelled the worst the world had to offer, the heroes found themselves in what appeared to be a city sewer. The area the portal had placed them in appeared to be a short hallway. At the far end they discovered a sealed hole in the ground.

Al’ev had a theory as to why someone would do this. If this portal was unguarded, it was likely not known about. If someone wanted to sneak into a city and avoid the eyes of the ever watchful guards, they would need such a portal within the city limits. This little discovery could have numerous implications when coupled with the fact that this passage had been sealed, but that would have to wait. They had to get out of here.

After some effort and a couple of shots of acid, the masonry work that held the seal in place began to crumble away and they were able to kick what remained of the seal away. They watched as it tumbled away and lost sight of it after it fell. A second later they heard a faint splash.

Noting the smell rising from the now open floor and adding the knowledge of the splash to this, they quickly realized what lay below them. Sending one of Al’ev’s dancing lights down the hole proved that the fall was probably around 20 feet and straight into biological waste.

This was going to get nasty.

Caramel was the first to jump. She landed with a splash and swam back up to the surface quickly finding a walkway to save her from having to remain in the waste. Al’ev followed but struggled a bit more in trying to swim back to the surface. He managed to make it, but his mouth was far from clean now. Eremes leaped next and he followed Caramel and Al’ev out of the liquid.

Crim knew what lay below. And after a bit of a struggle with himself, he jumped down using his skills to water walk on the cesspool towards the ledge. Caramel and Eremes would have none of this however. If they had to swim through this waste water then so did he.

Together they pulled the ninja down. Crim couldn’t believe it. His mind just froze, and with it, so did his body as he passed out. It only took a moment for Eremes and Caramel to realize that they’d have to pull the ninja out of there. They did so with little apparent effort just as Sindri Stribog summoned a hovering disc to bring himself down the hole and over the pool to the ledge where the rest of the group now stood. They placed the unconscious ninja on the disc and took a better look at their surroundings.

The waste appeared to be flowing in one general direction. This probably meant it lead to some water source outside the city. Knowing this, they decided to go the direction opposite of the flow in the hopes of finding an exit that would get them closer to the guild hall, assuming Sindri had managed to get his portal correctly set and they were in Trinity.

After a bit of walking, and dancing and walking in the case of Al’ev and Caramel, they found their exit. With a bit of help from the Ninja who summoned the will power to unlock the gate before passing out again, they were able to make it out of the sewer and eventually into the streets of Trinity.

They made straight for the Guild of Arbiters where they hoped to find fresh water and bedding waiting for them.

What they found instead was an extremely stressed out Groatal. They were able to figure out that Goat’s stress was due to their actions. In taking a portal from the royal palace in Caori, they had unknowingly cost the guild quite a bit of gold.

Al’ev was ready to snap at Goat who had seemed to miss the fact that the group was missing one arbiter, Garyuu Reddaile. He was on the verge of losing it when he barely caught himself. His father’s blood was really getting stronger…

The half-orc explained he had a job for them to do but told them to get cleaned up and get some rest before they talked any more.

They gladly took him up on the offer to clean up and catch some rest. After washing up they reached the bunk room where they ran into some friendly faces. Velius, who had somehow managed to beat them all back to the guild hall and Neo, the man who had wrestled with The Brine Dragon of the Southern Sea a few weeks back were both there waiting.

The group swapped a few stories while the guild healers took a look at their wounds before calling it a night. They slept very deeply for the most part as they had all just been through quite a lot.

After their much needed rest, they gathered their equipment and went back out to the guild’s reception room where Goat awaited them.

Goat was introduced to Caramel and Eremes. Caramel expressed interest in joining the guild and after a little consideration and a recommendation from the other adventurers who were already arbiters, Goat accepted. He then told the group what he needed them all to do.

There was a highly annoying woman who lived in the very upper class portions of Varalon. She had reported a devil of some sort stalking her “babies.” She claimed that the creature wanted to eat them. Goat admitted that he usually ignored this woman due to her highly annoying nature, but that she was very wealthy and was willing to compensate the guild quite well, covering the use of the portal if they managed to take care of the problem. He handed over a sheet of parchment detailing where to find her house in the human capital.

They agreed to take on this task so that the guild wouldn’t be in dire straights. Goat then took the next few minutes to explain that the crystals they had brought back could be used to empower their weapons and armor permanently. He left the majority of the group to mull this over while he took Caramel back to initiate her into the guild. She returned with a new bag of sharing and arbiter’s tome in her possession.

With their business in Trinity out of the way, they made the three day walk to Varalon without incident and quickly found themselves outside an extraordinarily large mansion. After being questioned by the butler who answered their knocking, he led them through the extravagant mansion to a room where an abnormally large woman waited.

Sindri, Eremes, and Caramel tried to talk with the woman about specifics regarding the demon. The woman, however, refused to discuss much with them and instead seemed to only want to talk with Crim. The ninja was deeply disturbed by this, but managed to get the information from her they’d need in order to get on with their job there.

The creature, whatever it was, appeared on nights when the moon was full in the sky. It had a swishing tail and glowing eyes. It always sat on the wall staring into the room where her “babies”, her dogs, slept.

After a few seconds, Caramel told the group that that very night would be a night when the moon was to be full. They could set an ambush up and solve this quickly.

Deciding to leave the group of arbiters to their planning, the woman offered to take Crim to the back rooms for some private time. To the ninja’s credit, he only froze for a few moments before leaping out the second story window. However, unlike the last time he leaped through a window in Varalon, this time he managed to keep hold of both katanas.

The rest of the group decided to leave a few people in wait outside while the less stealthy members of their group lay in wait inside, just in case the creature did make a move for the woman’s “babies.” It was a good basis for a plan but they had time to get more information before night fell.

With a plan in place, the group split up with some out to canvas the city asking for rumors about any “devils” stealing babies. The others inspected the perimeter of the mansion.

Those canvasing the city started hearing more rumors the closer to the poorer parts of the city they went. Most of them could be explained off by goblins stealing children, though that seemed to be happening much less frequently as of late. A very likely effect of their interference during their negotiations with the goblins a few months ago. There were a few stories that seemed to match up with what the woman was saying, though. Enough to lend her stories a bit more credit.

This convinced them all to go forward with their plan.

Night fell on the human capital and all seemed normal as Crim, Eremes and Velius waited among the topiaries in the yard. They all watched the wall very carefully from their hiding spots.

The remainder of the group waited in a room. Caramel glanced out the window with Sindri while Neo and Al’ev stood in the corners of the room waiting.

It wasn’t long before the demon appeared on the wall. Crim, Eremes and Velius had little trouble seeing this. Caramel was much further away in the room, but mentioned that she may have seen some movement on the wall. Al’ev was shaken out of his thoughts when Neo went over to have a look. Catching himself scratching at his elbows again, he went over to the window to have a look of his own.

Back in the yard, Crim used one of his skills to go invisible and walked over to Eremes and Velius. Using this same power, the three of them were able to get to the wall without the creature noticing.

As they approached Eremes began detecting evil. He couldn’t wait much longer. He stepped back from the wall and commanded the creature “approach” with all his divine power. The creature seemed to waver a moment before shrugging off the magical influence, turning it began to flee. Whatever it was, it knew they were there now.

Cursing, the three of them scrambled up the wall after him and began the chase. From the room came more cursing as Sindri and Caramel could see this. They along with Al’ev and Neo, rushed to the mansion gates. There Sindri and Caramel continued on to give chase on the ground. Al’ev and Neo decided to hold back in case the creature should return. They’d need to be able to handle anything that came back to the mansion in the mean time.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group continued their rooftop chase, eventually forcing the creature to the ground after Eremes had managed to connect with an arrow from his crossbow.

The creature landed not too far ahead of where Caramel was. It saw her and continued to run. Crim landed just behind it then and continued his pursuit. Eventually Caramel managed to get within a few feet of their quarry and let loose a sonic blast which appeared to stun the creature.

Crim took this opportunity to take a lunging slash at it and made a solid blow. The creature then pulled out a small pellet and threw it into the ground. It exploded upon contact and Crim was instantly blinded by the smoke it released. Caramel was able to make out the creature running into an inn.

The group ran into the inn and found it strangely abandoned. From the outside the place had looked good as new but the inside was a completely different story. It appeared there were multiple foot prints in the dust that thickly covered the floors, but only one set had a hurried look about them. Following these steps up to the second floor revealed a few puddles of blood. They knew they were on the right track then. This was confirmed when they saw the creature leering at them from another roof top. They quickly scrambled up to that roof and found the creature unmoving.

Before they could take a closer look at what it was they had been chasing they saw another creature on an adjacent rooftop. It was kicking a wooden plank, which had joined the two buildings, down to the streets. Eremes took a shot with his crossbow and appeared to connect. The creature didn’t appear to be phased by this however, and just continued to run.

Knowing that the chase wasn’t over until they got to the bottom of this, Crim, Eremes, Caramel and Sindri continued their pursuit. Velius stayed behind to inspect the body of the fallen demon creature.

After another short chase, they eventually cornered this other creature in an alley. Sindri went directly towards it and began to talk. Meanwhile Crim, Caramel and Eremes all decided to take other routes and eventually surrounded it.

While that was happening, Velius inspected the body of the first creature and found out very quickly that this was no devil. Well, not in the demonic sense anyway. It was a human boy disguised to look like one. He couldn’t have been more than 13 or 14 years old. This came as a bit of a shock. They had killed a child.

Back in the alley Sindri was close enough to realize that this creature they had just chased was female. And seeing a female Sindri did what Sindri always does when around ladies.

He ogled her boobs and noted his appreciation.

Needless to say this caused a bit of a commotion. While Sindri was doing this, Crim caught something at the edge of his vision on the roof tops above them. He began to climb up to see what was stirring when a familiar dagger planted itself just above his hand.

“You always were a fail rogue.” The unmistakable voice of Little John rang out as the dagger disappeared from the wall.

He showed himself then as did several other street urchins on the rooftops. He then began asking what they were doing chasing his people around.

They told them of what had brought them back to Varalon. How the woman thought a devil creature was out to eat her dogs. They also mentioned they had killed a devil creature on a rooftop not too far from here.

He told them all to wait there while he went to go check out this demon they had supposedly killed on the rooftops. Along the way Little John ran into Velius who had picked up the body and was bringing it to where the others were.

Little John confirmed that it was one of his crew, though he was at first a little puzzled as to why he looked like the devil girl. He realized that some of his crew apparently had ill will towards her and quickly came up with a plan to keep her safe from anyone in Varalon.

He asked the adventurers to take her out of Varalon so that she would be safe from whoever it was that was after her. They hesitantly agreed.

Sindri, Velius, and the devil girl all made for the local Micky T’s while Eremes and Caramel made their way back to the mansion.

When Eremes and Caramel arrived back at the mansion they found Al’ev and Neo still at the gates finishing some of the ale Neo had brought back from the elves of Daora.

The four of them went up to the large woman’s room and Eremes proclaimed that the devil would not be a problem any more, putting his inquisitor’s seal on the table to emphasize his point.

Al’ev raised his eyebrow at this. That seal held a lot of weight in many areas throughout the land. So this one was an Inquisitor. He had suspected as much given some of the abilities he had seen Eremes use in battle, but this sealed it.

The woman recognized what lay before her and informed them that she would arrange for the payment to be made to the guild.

The four made their way out of the wealthy woman’s room, trying to ignore the woman’s words about having to destroy the furniture they had just been using because they had dirtied them by simply being present.

Goat was right, she really was outrageous. Al’ev could feel his blood beginning to burn again and started walking a little faster.

They continued on to Micky T’s…




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