Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

A Tale of Monkdom, Garyuu meets an Irorian Cleric

After making his way to Varalon with his companions including the smelly goblin Grobble and the human with the magical dagger, Garyuu did not care for either’s company, he informed the others of his promise to his parents and parted ways with them for the time being, agreeing that he would more than likely meet up with them in Trinity in the near future.
Finding one’s family when you can identify each other through smell some distance away is not that hard. Sure enough in the home of a temple keeper and fellow Iron monk, Garyuu met up with his mother and father whom he had not seen in nearly a year. Ai was ecstatic to hear his stories particularly of the exploits of the Hereos of Kassadin, happy to see her son was even remotely fitting in somewhere.
Hallvadr, glad of the meetings with other races, was not thrilled to hear of his son’s lack of real training and the thought of using one’s unconscious comrade to test traps made him unhappy indeed. Though there was little he could do to sway the stubborn were-fox his expression and unspoken temperament made Garyuu wary of his father’s gaze. Ai, ever the protective den mother quickly defended her child whenever the old half-elf’s lecturing got too stern.
Garyuu decied to switch tactics and told of Desira, leaving out her profession, and of her skills as a healer and how much the group benefited from her help. Ai crooned that her son was chasing such a girl, despite Garyuu’s continuing tries to explain otherwise. His father seemed to approve of his interest and over dinner suggested that Garyuu take some time to talk with the temple keeper, himself, choosing to walk a path as a cleric and a monk. It was somewhat clear that Hallvadr was under the impression that following yet another strict discipline would push Garyuu back to a more restrained way of life. His mother was a little more skeptical but suggested it might be a good idea, if for no other reason so he could feel more assured of his role in the group of his new friends. And of course, keep the girl’s attention. After a tasty dinner and more stories they went to bed.
In the morning Temple keeper revealed himself to be a Cleric of the deity, Irori. Irori granted him increased prowess with his unarmed strikes, healing abilities and through his dedication a deep knowledge base earning him a reputation of a legendary sage. While he told Garyuu the way was long and often took long hours of meditation and prayer the young monk was curious to know more and regretted not being able to stay longer. The sagely cleric having long since memorized his chants and prayers, gave Garyuu a very old tome full of hand written notes and passages all about the tenants of Irori.
Hallvadr embraced his son with a big smile and said “my boy, you are your mother’s son. I know you’ve got a good heart, all I ask is you try your best to not let your other half control you.”
Ai kissed him on the cheek and told him how proud of him she was. She knew how much of the wild fox has been passed to her son, and that she need not caution him further. Again they set another date by the moon and Garyuu set off for Trinity.
At the gate of the Human quarter of Trinity, Garyuu, when asked what he was doing, simply stated “meeting a party that came ahead.” The guards looked him over, and exchanged nervous glances.
“Garyuu redalie?” one asked him cautiously.
Garyuu tensed. “Yes, why?”
Two more guards hurried over. The monk’s ears laid flat and his mind began to formulate tactics for taking the four, armed guards and still escaping. It wouldn’t be easy. “The Arbiter’s Guild is waiting for you. Follow us sir.” The additional guards hurried him along.
Behind a desk was possible the ugliest creature Garyuu had ever seen, at least he smelled better than the goblins. Groatal, or Goat, he introduced himself as the head of the guild. Word of the Heroes of Kassdin had made way here and it seemed the Guild was short on Arbiters. An offer was extended to the young monk, as it was to his companions. His trial of course revolved almost solely around him keeping his animal tendencies in check while proving what training he had as a monk. He was forbade from every revealing what went on in that room. Goat seemed annoyed that he had taken a full 15 minutes longer to complete his tasks that were relative to the same ones his companions passed in 30 minutes. Never the less Garyuu had passed and was given a tome bound to him for life, and told of the mission the others had embarked on and escorted to the Hall of Doors portal to Crustikan Hold.
Not long after Garyuu found himself starring down a ladder in an old stone room where a thick, fragrant slime coated everything. Still the vague scent of his friends drifted from the hole and so he started down after them.



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