Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

A Side Story: A Hazy Memory

Al’ev awoke.

It was dark. Why was it dark? He didn’t remember going somewhere dark. He began feeling around him. His hand brushed against a solid object to his left. It was cool to the touch and fairly rough.

“Stone?” He felt around to his right. “More Stone? What in Cayden’s name is going on here?”

Mumbling while gesturing, the magus created a light source out of his sword.

“Let’s see what we have here…”

He found himself in a narrow corridor made of stone. Behind him was a solid stone wall the same make and pattern as the rest of the walls he could see. Ahead of him lay a fairly lengthy hallway. After testing the wall behind him he began to realize that there was no discernible opening.

“How in the heck did I get here?” He sat down on the cool floor for a few moments contemplating what he should do.

“Well, I suppose the next best question to ask would be how the heck I’ll get out of here. Wherever here is…”

Glancing down the hallway for a moment, he stood up then started making his way cautiously forward. From his studies in the past, he knew places of this design type tended to have traps placed for unwanted visitors. He hadn’t come across anything obvious yet, but that didn’t mean he could relax.

A few moments after he started pacing forward he found the first sign of something different ahead. It was an intersection in the hall. To the right, another hall branched off. He had the option to follow that branch or continue forward. To the left was a small alcove. He cautiously took a glance and found a statue of a person on a horse with a lance in his hand. It looked as though the statue was in mid charge. Al’ev studied this for a few moments and then decided to continue on along the same path he had started on, ignoring the path to the right for the moment.

He eventually came up to a door that was cracked slightly open. From inside the room beyond the door he could smell something fowl in the air. After testing the door for magic, and surprisingly finding that there was indeed some magic upon it, he deemed that it wasn’t obviously harmful to touch. He tested the door by opening and closing it a couple of times. When he was as sure as he could be that the door was in fact a door he opened it all the way and walked into the small room beyond.

When he entered the door slammed shut behind him. Glancing behind him, he knew that the door wouldn’t likely be opening again using any regular method. Instead he took a quick glance around the room. He saw two things. One was the source of the smell. It appeared to be a dead skunk. While that didn’t bode well, he wasn’t worried yet. The other thing he noticed was a door, straight across from the one he had entered from. It had the same type of magic upon it as the one that had slammed behind him. He figured that the two were somehow linked and looked for a method to open one or both of the doors.

After a few more moments of looking around, he found his answer. There was a stone that looked as though it were actually some kind of button. It was just out of reach, placed about 10 feet above the ground. Walking to the wall with the stone button, he took his sword and tapped the stone. It quickly sank into the wall and caused the second door to open wide.

“It’s a good thing it wasn’t Sindri stuck in here. Poor little guy would have had to figure out a way to either grow or find something to throw at the switch.” He glanced at the dead skunk and shuddered.

He peered beyond the door and saw another hallway ahead. Shrugging, he continued forth keeping a steady eye out for traps.

He came once more to another intersection. This one was similar to the first except for two differences. The hallway branched off to the left and the statue was on the right. This statue was also of a person. But this person looked to be preparing to ward off a blow. It struck Al’ev that the first statue and this statue could easily have been from the same scene. The horse-rider ready to strike down a clearly defeated opponent.

Pondering which way he should go, he decided to head back to the first branch off and check out where that lead before advancing any further in this direction. He only got hung up for a moment in the door room, tapping the stone button once more, and was pleased to see that the mechanism did work the way he anticipated. The first door opened and he continued on.

He reached the first branching hallway and went down it. He came up to yet another door. This one was cracked open slightly. Upon reaching it he heard a quiet gasp from the room beyond. He decided to try and talk to whatever had made the gasp but kept the door between him and it.

“Hello?” He said in common. “Is anyone in there?”

The response was a “yes” of sorts when a lance being wielded by a short figure in full plate armor came charging through the door.

Al’ev took a glancing blow but was able to avoid any truly harmful damage due to the door and his quick reflexes.

Taking a look at his opponent, he saw that the armor wasn’t in the greatest shape, even looking like it was rusting in a few places. He also noticed that the creature, for whatever it was was speaking some sort of gibberish he didn’t understand, seemed to be trembling slightly. He decided to take advantage of this by disarming the plate wearer.

He succeeded in taking the lance out of the picture but was dismayed when the figure decided to toss off its helm and lunge at his leg.

From the the way its teeth felt, and the flash of green skin he saw, he knew what it was now.

“Cayden help me, I really don’t like goblins…” He said as he used the leg the goblin was biting into to kick at the wall. There was a satisfying thud.

“How’d you like that?” He taunted in draconic. But the little guy only looked slightly dazed and hung on even after his skull had met the stone.

The goblin attempted to climb a little higher up Al’ev’s leg after this but failed. When Al’ev realized that this wasn’t going to end without him either killing his opponent or him falling to this rusty armored, leg biting, gibberish spouting, green skinned shrimp, he cast a spell right into the goblin’s face.

Several colorful rays knocked the little guy unconscious. He wasn’t moving even slightly.

Al’ev smirked and picked the little guy up. Knowing that the room beyond would probably be like the one he found in the first hallway, and that the little guy probably would have a rough time getting out if the stone button was as high as the previous one, he threw the goblin into the room and closed the door. Al’ev then picked up the little guy’s lance and barred the door….just in case.

Brushing himself off and taking a closer look at the bite wound, he silently cursed. “I really don’t like…”

He was interrupted by a loud banging from somewhere above him. It sounded like it was coming from across a great distance…..


Al’ev bolted upright from the position he had fallen to sleep in. After his stalling action with the dragon earlier the previous day he was still more than a little soar.

He looked down at his leg where the goblin had bitten him and saw nothing more than a little damage from the dragon’s acid. “…goblins…”

He heard the banging again and grabbed his sword as he ran to the stairwell which lead to the deck of Captain Kirk’s ship.

“Crazy dreams…” he said as he reached the deck and saw an elf and human struggling on the deck.

Where did these two come from? Was he dreaming again?

“Please tell me these two aren’t over-sized goblins…” he said quietly as he rubbed his temple.



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