Flames and Steel: The Chromatic War

A Friend Falls

The heroes spent a few minutes outside of Sindri‘s home in the gathering cold of the middle of fall. Eventually Sindri invited them inside to meet his mother. Sindri’s mother was a somewhat quiet woman who seemed to be looking over the heroes with an eye of gratitude and caution. They were introduced quickly but the conversation quickly shifted to a box that Sindri had said his father had left for him. Sindri asked Al’ev if he knew what the box was and the magus was only able to confirm, with a bit of disgust in his voice, that the box or perhaps its contents were covered in magic of the necromancy school.

After trying several methods of opening the box, Sindri eventually gave up and the heroes decided to head to Zamosc’s tavern where they knew Neo and several comfortable beds would be waiting.

Meanwhile the groups sneakier members, Crim, Velius, and T’lemya trailed the man who had been in Sindri’s home for several minutes as he weaved his way through the streets of the small town. The man entered the tavern, rented a room, then promptly went up to it. When the Crim entered, he tried to confirm which room the man had gone into as the ninja had several questions for him. T’lemya and Velius decided to go straight upstairs and found that there was only one room that wasn’t being rented out.

Crim further confirmed this by seeing only one key missing from the wall where the keys to the rooms upstairs were. Renting a room of his own, he grabbed Neo and they met up with T’lemya and Velius. Crim laid down a plan, asking Neo to be ready to burst into the room should anything odd happen. He asked T’lemya and Velius to listen through the wall and see if they could hear what the man was doing. As for himself, he decided to make use of his spider walker shoes.

Unfortunately, the shoes had other plans. The ninja stepped out of his own room’s window, and began to walk parallel to the street on the outer wall of the tavern. Then, his shoes became immovable. More concerning, they grew increasingly hot. Knowing he was not in a good position, Crim tried to use his ability to ghost step and fell through the wall and into the man’s room.

The man was hunched over a stone and was speaking quietly.

“He’s here, master!”

Then, as Crim’s shoes suddenly rocketed him out of the room and back through the wall. The ninja screamed out in surprise as his magical soles sent him for a ride two hundred feet through the air, landing him just outside the town in a lightly forested area. Brushing himself off, he began to stalk back towards the town, a little shaken.

Neo, hearing this scream, burst into the room and saw the man throw the stone out the window. It appeared to begin to fall, but then seemed to gain the ability of flight and flew off into the night. Neo immediately began interrogating this man, for he had heard a little of what was being said inside as well. Eventually T’lemya joined him in the interrogation, adding her own brand of fear to the man, prompting him to talk. Velius walked in and watched as the unlikely pair of Tiefling and Paladin worked together. They had dragged out a bit of information, confirming that the man and his master were studying whether or not dragons lived day to day among the common folk of the road, when the remaining adventurers, including Crim, entered the room.

Together, the group learned that this man and his master had reason to believe that Sindri was actually a dragon who was living as a normal person. He had remained in Zamosc in the hopes of coming across the halfling dragon again. He had used a stone of sending to inform his master that he had come across him again. Sindri, never one to hold back secrets, told the man all he knew of dragons, even going as far to reveal Al’ev for what he was. The magus had come to expect this from the halfling and, apart from remaining mostly concealed beneath his cloak, did nothing to rebut the claims of the halfling. Hiding the truth was something he learned long ago was not always a good thing.

it was during this conversation with the man that Sindri finally figured out how to open the box his father had left for him. He pulled out two items from the box. The first was a letter written by his father. The halfling did not share what it said with everyone. The second item was a robe which looked very similar to those that the red dragons and white dragons had been seen wearing in their human forms. This robe was silver, however, and Sindri wasted no time in stripping down and dawning the robe.

The final item of concern that the heroes learned was that this man had helped defend the town from recent attacks by dwarves and ogres. The heroes knew immediately what that meant and several recalled that there was supposedly an army massing in the western reaches of the land that consisted of the dwarven ghouls and their ogre leaders. They were also aware that this army had been sending out scouting parties in the south as they had defeated one such party not too long ago.

With this in mind, the heroes spent a somewhat peaceful night in the tavern as Sindri returned home. The halfling returned in the morning to warn them all that some of the townsfolk had spotted a small group of dwarves and an ogre approaching. The heroes geared up and soon found themselves in the forests to the west of the town.

They sprung their trap raining down fire upon the closely clustered group of enemies. Caramel’s music started playing and Desira prayed for their victory. Then the rest of the heroes charged in and the conflict began in earnest.

They learned very quickly that this group was a little different from the one they had come across in the south. Though they were ghouls, the first cracking of a gem told them that, their enemies also consisted of healers. Their tactics switched to account for this as Neo, Al’ev and Harry tried to keep the ogre and the two broadsword wielding dwarves away from the less defensively able members of the group. To aid the heroes, Caramel called upon a spell that summoned a choir of undead singers that sung a toon which would shake even demons to the core. Al’ev did not miss this, and silently cursed to himself as another sordid use of necromancy was at use. If they survived this fight, he made a mental note to speak with Caramel regarding the vile school of necromancy.

Despite this, the heroes were doing well in their fight against this scout party. That was until the ogre spotted Velius and his pointy ears. As with the ogre in the south, this ogre had a natural hatred of elves. The sight of the pointy ears caused him to ignore Neo and Blasphemy, who had pegged him with several explosive vials, completely. The surprisingly agile ogre rushed across the battlefield and brought his axes to bare on Velius.

The half-elven rogue couldn’t react in time and he took the full force of two massive axes after he had just destroyed one of the gems in another of the ghouls. The ghoul recovered and turned from Harry to face Velius.

There was nothing the heroes could do and the sneaky Velius fell to the ghoul’s broadsword even as the heroes vanquished another of their foes. Several heroes saw this happen. They hoped that the half-elf had merely fallen unconscious from taking several blows. Though he tended to remain distant, he had still been with them since the beginning and they had all grown accustomed to his presence. They would sorely miss him had he just met his end.

This turned out to be the case by the time the heroes finished off their remaining adversaries.

Though it sickened him a little, Al’ev asked Desira to preserve the corpse. She did as he asked as he explained it may be possible to bring the rogue back to life. They were due to return back to house Sparl and attend a ceremony where the heads of the house would be bringing their fallen children back to life. He didn’t think it impossible for the Sparls to extend this to include Velius.

They prepared to return to Basque as Sindri said goodbye to his mother. The heroes gathered and Sindri created a portal. Though his aim was a little off from the intended destination of House Sparl, the heroes all found themselves in the run down mansion’s front area. It was easily recognized for the damage of Sindri’s transformation was still evident in several surrounding structures beyond the gates.

There was just one problem. The home no longer belonged to house Sparl. They learned of this when a Butler came outside and informed them they were trespassing. Al’ev inquired as to who the owners were and learned that the home now belonged to House Iflov.

T’lemya recognized the name and pointed out that these were no allies to House Kashka. The heroes agreed that they could return here in search of help should they need it.

They set off for the Basque Micky T’s, knowing that they had to start asking around for the Sparls soon if they hoped to catch the ceremony in time to bring their fallen comrade back to life…



A Friend Falls

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